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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Regal Equipment, a premier supplier of cost-effective used and refurbished food processing equipment, recently added an A&K Development all stainless steel construction corn cutter to its extensive line of food processing cutters. Get high performance, precise food cutting and improve corn product presentation using the A&K Development Corn Orienter with 3-AR Corn Cutter in-stock and now ready for distribution.

Built with a metering conveyor belt, a flighted feeder, a two-speed cutter feed chain and a double orienting head, the 2010 A&K Corn Orienter with 3-AR Corn Cutter System automatically singulates, aligns, properly orients and feeds corn into an A&K 3-AR Power Corn Cutter. Powered by hydraulic drive motors the 3AR Corn Cutter offers quality cuts.

January 2017

Thursday, October 6, 2016

True to our mission and vision of supplying excellent used and refurbished food processing and packaging machinery, Regal Equipment presents the latest addition to its expanding product inventory. Keep your production line running smoothly with the Key/Cornell Hydro Food Pump designed to gently transfer and elevate even the most delicate food materials through water transport.

Equipped with a 10” inlet/outlet, a steel cast pump and a stainless steel impeller, the Cornell Food Pump 10HPP-2 carefully transports a wide range of food materials including apples, French fries, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, green beans, corns, shrimp, etc. to ensure product integrity. Aside from this, Cornell hydro-transport food pumps avoid product contamination and are also recommended for use in other food industry applications including hot oil, clear liquids, and waste water.

January 2017

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

For over 35 years, Regal Equipment has shown full commitment to providing dependable, heavy-duty used food processing and packaging equipment for multiple facilities across North America. Adding to our line-up of premium quality refurbished food processing palletizers, We present the low level in-feed Columbia Palletizer FL100-RS-RD-9512 designed for effective loading and unloading of various food product packages.

Showcasing a robust construction, this 80” in height Columbia palletizer offers a 48” x 48” or 40” x 48” pallet configuration and is equipped with easy-to-operate Allen Bradley controls. Depending on configuration set-up, the palletizer allows efficient assembly, stacking and de-stacking of 20 or more cases per minute. Ensure production line productivity with this economical, trouble-free floor level Columbia Palletizer innovatively designed to meet your special material handling requirements.

January 2017

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Regal Equipment continues to be a trusted supplier of robust used “as-is” and refurbished food processing and packaging equipment for various companies across North America. Adding to its selection of reliable used food processing peelers, Regal Equipment presents the efficient Vanmark Abrasive Peeler/Washer/Scrubber Model #2900.

The latest addition to our comprehensive inventory of food peeling machines, the Vanmark Abrasive Peeler 2900 comes with a washer and a scrubber to ensure removal of harmful substances found on food product skins. The unit features rotary chambers with driven rollers, internal augers, and integrated water sprays, offering positive tumbling, retention control, and continuous product rinsing. Purchased new in 2001, used in production for approximately 200 hours on potato peeling application, and built to be an all-electric drive with 20 abrasive rollers, the Vanmark Abrasive Peeler 2900 provides high performance scrubbing, peeling, and washing recommended for fruit and vegetable food processing facilities.

January 2017

Monday, March 14, 2016

Regal Equipment is a leading manufacturer of refurbished industrial machineries for the food processing and packaging industries for over 25 years.We offer an array of used and refurbished equipment including destoning washers for product preparation and cleaning applications inmeat, fruit, and vegetableprocessing facilities.

In addition to its comprehensive equipment line, Regal Equipment now offers the robust G.J. Olney Destoner Washer designed to eliminate various sinking trash from a range of food products. The 24” x 72” ripple pan destoner machine is used to remove stones, dirt, clods, nuts, bolts and other debris from food products such as dry and rehydrated beans, almonds, carrots, mushrooms and relish stock. Built with innovative stone traps and equipped with a 2 HP return pump and a ½ HP drive on the discharge conveyor, the G.J. Olney can reliably process heavy trash as well as effectively dewater and clean food products.

January 2017

Monday, March 7, 2016

Regal Equipment is a recognized market leader in the food processing and packaging industries. Over the years, we have been providing companies with single pieces or complete lines of new, used, and refurbished machineries. Our growing sales proves how our products including food processing fillers meet quality standards and requirements of various food processing and packaging applications.

Regal Equipment showcases the Zacmi 50 Pocket Filler 0275-50 0275-50 as part of its lineup of used and reconditioned food processing fillers. The stainless-steel Zacmi Pocket Filler is designed to accurately dispense hard-to-handle products into any container through its automatic synchronisation and carton detection sensor. It offers high precision, rapid size changeover times, as well as maximum flexibility and adaptability to various product and container types. Its filler parts also feature quick release mechanisms for easy cleaning.

 Regal Equipment is widely known for distributing robust used and reconditioned food processing and packaging equipment. We assure that our  Zacmi 50 Pocket Filler can meet demands your production house and can last for years. To learn more about our featured  hard-wearing refurbished food processing fillers, visit today!  

January 2017

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

True to its commitment of providing reliable industrial machineries and services for the emerging food processing industry, Regal Equipment now showcases a heavy-duty Priority One Case Palletizer. Designed to automatically stack products with minimal

operator attention, the featured palletizing system saves you significant time and budget.

Tested for operation to run at 575V/5/60 and carry multiple loads (runs 300ml, 500ml, 700/710ml, 1L, 1.5L- All Pack Sizes), the Priority One Case Palletizer offers practical and trouble-free loading and  unloading of packages. Developed to efficiently palletize products, the Priority One Case Palletizer can optimize productivity of various food processing facilities for vegetable, fruit, meat, snack food, and other applications.

January 2017

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Regal Equipment continues to present a comprehensive selection of used and refurbished food processing cutters including the high-performance Regal Pickle Spear Cutter. Reconditioned to offer optimal cutting and slicing for batches of food products, the Regal Pickle Spear Cutter is recommended for use in food processing facilities for fruit and vegetable applications.

The Regal Pickle Spear Cutter provides boosted food processing with its stainless steel construction reliably powered by a 1 HP/1750 RPM/230-460 V motor. Equipped with resilient components, the spear cutter automatically slices pickles lengthwise and efficiently halves pickles with its high-speed rubber self-centering rollers.

This heavy-duty cutting assembly is innovatively refurbished to deliver accurate and superior quality pickle slicing. The Regal Pickle Spear Cutter is easy to operate and maintain that guarantees improved product output of food processing plants.

When it comes to bringing in line of robust used food processing equipment that meet demands of food processing facilities, trust only in Regal Equipment. We showcase a vast collection of food processing cutters best for meat, poultry, vegetable, fruit, and fresh-cut applications. Check out our available used food processing cutters by visiting today!




January 2017

Monday, December 29, 2014

Regal Equipment continues to bring the finest and most efficient reconditioned intermediate snipper with Lyco Manufacturing Inc. The used food equipment delivers optimum performance for the food processing and packaging industries.

This bean processing equipment is engineered with 30” diameter x 7’ long cylinders to efficiently remove stalks of beans and similar food products up to 8,000 PPH-capacity.

Built with wavy pocket of 13/64″ (.203″), 104 rows of knives, 31″ intermediate snippers and unbreakable knife holders, the Lyco Intermediate Snipper redefines the standard for precision processing of vegetable, canning, and fresh cut applications. In addition, this heavy-duty unit provides 95% to 99% snipping efficiency with reduced costs and enhanced trash removal.

January 2017
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