2022 ANKO Food Machine Co. Ltd. HLT-700U & EA-100KA


2022 ANKO Food Machine Co. Ltd. HLT-700U & EA-100KA

Ravenna, OH


ANKO HLT-700U Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine is a very versatile but compact and a operator friendly machine that is capable of forming dumplings, momo, pierogi,potsticker, ravioli, samosa, gyoza, pasta, calzone, and empanada as well as many other forms with custom molds and forms which are available through ANKO FOOD MACHINE LTD. The machine is capable of forming dumplings2000-12,000 dumplings per hour 13-100 grams per piece. The ANKO EA-100KA Forming Machine is included in this package it is capable of forming 12 pleats at a rate of 6,000 pieces per hour with a 10-80 gram portion.


ManufacturerANKO Food Machine Co. Ltd.
ModelHLT-700U & EA-100KA
Serial Number202442
Stock Number24677