Regal Difference

before-and-after.pngAll Used Food Processing Equipment Is Not Equal

Regal Equipment Inc. specializes in the sale of reconditioned or used food processing equipment and packaging machinery

What sets Regal Used Food Processing Equipment apart from the rest?

Regal Equipment has earned its place in the “as is”, reconditioned and used food processing equipment industry by providing our customers with outstanding service and quality work. Our emphasis is on building long-term relationships with our customers. We make it clear we are here to help you with your equipment and production needs.

Pool of Experts

Our skilled and experienced mechanics have the knowledge to recondition or modify equipment to our customer’s specific needs. After years of experience we have developed relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as an extensive resource library for reference.

How we define “Reconditioned”

Here at Regal Equipment we follow an elaborate refurbishment procedure. The process begins with a comprehensive inspection before being carefully disassembled and cataloged..

All existing equipment parts are then scrutinized and worn components are replaced. Outdated drive systems are updated to the newest and most efficient technology. Our team replaces old systems with energy efficient, high output gear boxes, motors and the latest technology in variable frequency drives (VFD). Our onsite electrician updates the controls to maximize the equipment’s capacity.

Stainless parts are polished, metal pieces are stripped, sandblasted and repainted with Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy epoxy paint.. All rubber hosing, rubber tubing and fittings are replaced. Old hardware is replaced with stainless steel components when possible.

Strong Relationship with OEM Manufacturers

To ensure that quality performance is achieved after the refurbishment process, all components are updated with replacement parts directly purchased from the OEM. This process not only guarantees high-grade refurbished equipment, but also enables us to keep the industrial partnership with the OEM. This benefits our customers in two ways; by proving a long-term source for replacement parts and allowing us to provide a parts guarantee.

In-House Fabrication Facility

Regal Equipment operates its own fabrication facility for customized processing and packaging systems. In circumstances where OEM parts are no longer available, our mechanics have the capability to machine custom parts. Our team is well known in the industry for our ability to customize equipment to your exact specifications.

Food Safety Compliant

Regal Equipment takes pride in complying with food safety standards set by the USDA and HACCP. We continue to educate ourselves on the latest standards and procedures available so we can help our customers ensure food safety.

Give us a chance to show you the Regal Difference.