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Used Food Processing Kettles

Kettles are industrial-sized vessels used for uniform heating, cooking, mixing, and storing large batches of soups, sauces, preserves and other food products. Aside from rethermalizing precooked foods, these kettles are also capable of boiling and simmering long-cooking items such as chili.

Some kettle types include steam-jacketed, agitated, electric, and thermic fluid food kettles. Industrial kettles are used in food processing facilities for candy, poultry, fruits and vegetables, meats. Kettles are also largely used in restaurants, large kitchens, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing kettles from various manufacturers including Dover, Groen, Cherry Burrell, Hamilton, Hubert, and Lee Industries. To learn more about a specific food processing kettle, click on the product name below. 

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BCast 200 Gallon Kettle

Item No: 22132-KT

BCast 200 Gallon 365 Gallon Capacity) Jacketed

Cook and Cool Tank in accordance with the

following specifications:

INNER SHELL:4mm, T-316 stainless steel

INNER BOTTOM:4 mm, T-316 s/s, conical

with 120° included angle

TOP COVERS: 3mm gauge, T-316 s/s, two-piece

hinged covers with handles and latch, mounted

from the center bridge

INSULATION: Full sidewall and bottom head will

be insulated with chloride free mineral fiber


OUTER SHELL: 3 mm gauge, T-304 s/s

OUTER BOTTOM: 3 mm gauge, T-304 s/s, Conical

with 120° included angle

SUPPORTS: (4) 4” pipe legs with adjustable ball

feet, T-304 s/s. Leg will mount to inner cone bottom

and extend through outer bottom skin.

OUTLET: Flange for flush mount valve 3" , 21"to

floor. less valve height Valve will be supplied by


THERMOWELL: (1) Pyromation tank adapter

flush mount

DIMENSIONS: 72” ID x 74” OD x 16” straight

sidewall height x 84” approx. overall height


head will be supplied with 2 mm gauge, T-304 s/s

dimpled heat transfer surface with (1) 2” inlet and

(1) 2” outlet threaded pipe nipple connection and

supplied with directional baffling. Connections

-code stamped heat transfer jacket for use at 75 PSI.

BRIDGE: T-316L s/s center bridge for supporting

of agitator

BAFFLE: (1) internal adjustable baffle, T-316L s/s.

AGITATOR: Top entry dual motion

counter-rotating agitator with bottom scrape driven

by 5 HP right angle helical bevel gear motor

operating at 23 RPM. Motor will be 230-460/3/60

washdown (less starter) inverter duty. Scraper

blades will be included.

Counter-rotating tri blade impellers 3 hp. gear motor

operating at 90 RPM. Motor will be 230-460/3/60

washdown (less starter) inverter rated. Shaft will be

equipped with removable tri blade impeller


Quick change scraper blade sleeve included.

Shaft will be through a neoprene slinger and the

lower shaft will be supported by a bottom steady

bearing with 6/6 nylon inserts and Viton elastomer.

TANK RATING: Tank is designed for 75 psi @

325° F. Heat Transfer Surface is designed, tested,

fabricated 75 PSI rating.

Heat transfer surface will include ASME registration

U1 Cert and national board listing..

MATERIAL FINISH: All interior surfaces will be

polished to a #4 150-grit sanitary finish. #4 exterior

WELD FINISH: All interior and exterior welds will

be ground smooth and ribbon polished


stainless package includes c-face adaptors to mount

Stainless steel washdown duty motors, and stainless

steel gear box to bridge mounting flange.

Latch handle release and long handle lid lift rods.

RIG cross bar to run opposite of Bridge direction.

Exterior Shell to have Screened leak detect port in

the low point of cone. 

Cooker cooler Hi temp blade (275 F.) adder

Lee Kettle 1000 Gallon

Model #: 1000-D9MS
Item No: 18301-M

  • Hemispherical stainless steel kettle New 2002

  • 1,000 gallon capacity

  • NAB # 9031

  • Max working pressure 58 Psi @ 305 Degrees 

  • Duel motion scrap agitation scrappers and pins are missing 

  • Split two part lid attached to bridge 

  • Lee kettle valve 4" 

Lee 200 Gallon Dual Motion Scraped Kettle w/ INA Style Agitation

Model #: D9MS
Item No: 17017-KT

  • Model: D9MS
  • S/N: 13872-1-1
  • Year: 2000
  • MAWP 90 PSI @ 332˚ F
  • MDMT 90 PSI @ -20˚ F
  • NB# 8132
  • Fixed bridge inclined dual motion agitator
  • Single hinged cover
  • 51" dia x 51" deep x 115" OAH (9' 7")
  • 4-1/2" CBO with Fluid Flow valve model BFT
  • MISSING tag on motor -- approx. 5 HP
  • Temperature probe (Missing Gauge)
  • Last used in food industry

Groen Pressure Kettle

Model #: TA-20-SP
Item No: 16381-KT

  • M/N: TA-20-SP

  • S/N: 716

  • NAB #:24037

  • Max. Working Pressure: 60 psi

  • Single Agitation

Custom Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle

Item No: 12046-KT

    • Steam Jacketed Kettle
    • 54" Dia. x 39" Deep
    • No Tag
    • Stainless Steel Construction


Groen INA Kettle

Model #: INA-300-SP
Item No: 12019-KT

  • Groen INA Kettle

  • Model: INA-300-SP

  • N.B.#: 42564

  • Max. Working Pressure: 45 PSI @ 300˚F

  • Single Motion Scrape

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