FMC JBT Sterilmatic 3 Shell Cooker/Cooler Set 300x407 for Sale

Item: 18838-RB
Category: Cookers/Coolers, Retorts, Steritort Equipment
Manufacturer: FMC Technologies
or call 1-234-206-2882

Pressure Cooker Shell 1: NB 1480, SN: 3647-459-67, Single Infeed High Speed Paddle Valve, 38'L X 60" Dia., Can Cap. 3554,

Pressure Cooler Shell 2: NB: 1481, SN: 3647-460-67, Can Cap. 611, 38'L X 60Dia.

Shell 3 Atmospheric Cooler: SN: 3447-130-90, Can Cap. 2820, with Auto Luber

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