Food processing blenders can mix, blend, and puree. Fruitsvegetables, and a variety of other food products are the most popular applications. These types of blenders are powered by high speed motors and blades for quicker processing of food substances in large batches or in continuous modes.

Blenders can also be used for emulsifying, liquefying, dispersing, shearing, cooking, and cooling food. They are the best solutions for making brines, syrups, de-lumping product, blending solids, and more. Food processing blenders are used in factories, breweries and distilleries, and other industrial food preparation facilities.

Regal Equipment offers a variety of used and reconditioned blenders including paddle blenders, ribbon blenders, twin shell blenders, vacuum blenders, and liquifiers from various manufacturers including Breddo, Patterson-Kelley, Rietz, Lanco and Blentech. To learn more about a specific blender, click on the product name below.