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Used Food Processing Blanchers

Food processing blanchers provide a thermal process for cleaning and cooking fruit and vegetables before undergoing further processing such as freezing and canning. The heating process involves immersion of products in hot water steam, or other liquids, presented in a continuous or batch manner for a period of time.

Through blanching, sugars, starches, and trapped gasses are removed and microbes are reduced. Most blanchers in the market either use steam belt or rotary drum technology. Steam blancher systems are valued as these retain solids and nutrients and tend to yield crispier and fresher-looking food products. They also leave less water on products which is desirable in freezing operations.

Blanchers are used in a variety of food processing facilities for vegetables, fruit, beans, canning, freezing, drying, and other fresh cut applications. Regal Equipment showcases used and reconditioned food processing blanchers and combination blancher/cooker-coolers from popular manufacturers including: Hughes, Lyco, Key, Blentech, FMC, A.K. Robins and Rietz. To learn more about a specific blancher, click on the unit below.

All Blanchers - 12 Items

Hughes Blancher 60" X 24'

Model #: 0043
Item No: 22042-BL

Hughes Stainless Steel Blancher

Model # 0043

Serial # 15-33

Drum Size : 60" X 24' L

Year: 2015

Lyco Rotary Drum Pouch Cooler

Model #: 8700
Item No: 22009-BL

  • Reel Size: 72” Diameter X 20’ Long

  • Perforation 3/8” 

Lyco Vapor-Flow Blancher

Model #: Vapor-Flow Steam Blancher
Item No: 21934-BL

LYCO Vapor Flow Steam Blancher

Model # Vapor-Flow Steam Blancher

Serial # RDB-1017-85206

New 2017

Reel Size: 72"  Diameter X 8' Long

This unit has the option to run as a steam blancher or hot water reel blancher

Lyco Blancher

Model #: 8600
Item No: 21922-BL

Lyco Blancher

Model: 8600

S/N: RDB089713055-2

60" dia X 24' Rotary Drum

Gravity chute feed

Discharge 2 way flip top cover

2 to 60 min retention time 


Hughes Blancher

Model #: 04-10016
Item No: 21892-BL

Hughes Stainless Steel Blancher

Model # 04-10016

Serial # 91-12117

Screen Perforation 1/16"

Size : 60" W X 20' Long

Stainless Steel Construction

ABCO Steam Belt Blancher

Model #: B187ABBNT
Item No: 17947-BL

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Overall dimensions: 200" x 73" x 125"

  • Electric drive

  • 25,000 lbs. per hour

  • No Controls

Lyco Pouch Pasteurizer Cooler System

Model #: 8600
Item No: 17914-MSC

 Rotary Drum Pouch Pasteurizer

  •  72" X 16' 

  • One way lifting lid

  • 3 Hp Nord Gear Box and Motor 230/460 Volt 3 Phase

  •  Last running 1lb. pouch @ 1,500 lb./Hr. with 45 minute cook time

  •  New 2010

          Rotary Drum Pouch Cooler 

  • 72" X 12' 

  • One way lifting lid

  • 3 Hp Nord Gear Box and Motor 230/460 Volt 3 Phase

Key Technology Turbo-Flo Blancher

Item No: 17503-BL

  • Key Technology Turbo-Flo Blancher

  • Belt Width: Approx. 8' W

  • Overall Length: Approx. 39' L

  • Belt type: Stainless Steel wire mesh

  • Age: 2004

  • Power: 460VAC/ 90Amp/ 3Ph/ 60Hz

  • Controls: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000

  • Last blanching diced potatoes

Custom Designed & Manufactured Belt Steam Blancher

Item No: 17329-BL

  • 15' L x  30" W belt
  • Continuous steam belt blancher with a 30" wide interlocking plastic chain type belt. (Belt is formulated for high temperatures)
  • 1/16" by 3/4" elongated belt perforations
  • Tunnel --  22" long open in-feed area - feeds into the 15' long enclosed steam tunnel with top and bottom steam injection headers, leading on to a 24" long open discharge section.
  • Complete with water sprays on infeed and discharge
  • 4.5" maximum product clearance under removable top covers.
  • Has a water collection and drain pan on the in-feed end only.
  • All food grade stainless steel product contacts, conveyor and tunnel body, and support frame currently set at a 29" working height.
  • Overall Dimensions: 21' 7" L x 48" W x 43" H
  • 3/4 HP 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase stainless steel motor
  • Fixed speed gear drive set for 45 foot per minute belt speed.
  • No controls or valves
Lyco Hot Water Rotary Reel Blancher

Item No: 17326-BL

  • 48" Dia. x 8' L Drum
  • Perforations: 1/16"
  • In-Feed Height: 60"
  • Discharge Height: 48"
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Trunnion Driven Drum: 1 HP, 230/460 V, 3 Ph motor

Lyco Hot Water Rotary Blancher

Item No: 17260-RT

  • Size: 60" Dia. x 8' L
  • 1/8" Perforations
  • 2-Way Pneumatic Power Assist Cover Lift
  • 44" In-feed Height
  • Ferris-Wheel Discharge w/ discharge chute @ 55" height
  • CIP system w/ 2 spray bars and stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • Trunnion-driven drum w/ 3HP, 230/460V, 3 Ph motor
  • Stainless Steel Construction

GEM Steam Belt Blancher

Item No: 16594-BL

  • GEM Steam Belt Blancher
  • Capacity 7,000
  • 36" Wide X 16' Long
  • 9' Product Infeed , 42" Product Discharge
  • 8' Steam Section top and bottom steam header and 8' Hot hold bottom steam header
  • Rotary Valves for infeed and discharge gives a even feed to the belt maintaining consistent product depth
  • Hood lifts for easy cleaning and service of product belt
  • Hydraulic Powered Valves
  • Steam Controls Included

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