Food processing blanchers provide a thermal process for cleaning and cooking fruit and vegetables before undergoing further processing such as freezing and canning. The heating process involves immersion of products in hot water steam, or other liquids, presented in a continuous or batch manner for a period of time.

Through blanching, sugars, starches, and trapped gasses are removed and microbes are reduced. Most blanchers in the market either use steam belt or rotary drum technology. Steam blancher systems are valued as these retain solids and nutrients and tend to yield crispier and fresher-looking food products. They also leave less water on products which is desirable in freezing operations.

Blanchers are used in a variety of food processing facilities for vegetablesfruitbeanscanningfreezing, drying, and other fresh cut applications. Regal Equipment showcases used and reconditioned food processing blanchers and combination blancher/cooker-coolers from popular manufacturers including: Hughes, Lyco, Key, Blentech, FMC, A.K. Robins and Rietz. To learn more about a specific blancher, click on the unit below.