Used Waukesha SPX Food Processing Equipment

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Waukesha SPX Positive Displacement Pump

Item No: 18577-M

  • Hopper with screw feed

  • Hopper 32"L X 30"W X 22"Deep

  • Duel feed 10" screws

  • Waukasha PD Pump 2" in 2" Out Stainless Steel Contact 

SPX 50 Bredel Waste Pump

Model #: G020906106
Item No: 18535-M

  • Type/Output ET3030/FET

  • Output 63

  • Input 00

  • MFG: 01-2013

  • Motor: 60HZ 330/575 Volts

Waukesha SPX Positive Displacement Pump

Model #: 220
Item No: 18304-M

  • Stainless steel positive displacement pump

  • 4" sanitary fitting on in and out 

  • Mounted on base

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