Used Solbern Food Processing Equipment

Solbern designs and manufactures reliable processing equipment for the food industry. Applying latest food processing technology, Solbern produces a competitive line of products to fit specific industry needs. Solbern's wide-ranging selection of products includes liquid fillers, solid fillers, briners, dough folders, pickle equipment, and many others.

All Solbern Equipment - 3 Items

Solbern High Speed Briner

Model #: LSB
Item No: 19120-RB

  • Set: 404 x 700

  • Stainless Steel Construction 

  • 9'L  

Solbern High Speed Briner

Model #: LSB
Item No: 19090-RB

  • Overflow filler

  • Recirculation pump

  • Stainless steel construction 

Solbern High Speed Brinner

Model #: LBS
Item No: 18334-M

  • Overflow brinner/ sauce filler 

  • Stainless steel construction 

  • Can size 300 x 407 adjustable guides

  • Stainless steel tri-clover pump and fittings 

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