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Sani-Matic designs and manufactures sanitary process equipment used for a wide range of cleaning applications. It offers reliable products such as tunnel, vat, and buggy washers, CHP systems, spray balls, and strainers. With its versatile range of products, Sani-Matic services the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, meat, and beverage industries, among others.

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Sani-Matic Tunnel Washer R-D5-RR1-FR1

Model #: R-D5-RR1-FR1
Item No: 12955-WSH

    • Model: R-D5-RR1-FR1
    • Capacity: Sizes up to 18" x 24" x 28" L
    • Overall Dimensions: 86.5" H x 64" W
    • 3 Individual Cleaning Sections:
    • 1 - Recirculated Detergent Section,with (5) Spray Rings
    • 2 - Recirculated Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring
    • 3 - Final Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring; Equipped with 230/460 V, 3525 RPM, 60 Hz, 1.15 amp motor
    • Used for Moderate Soil Conditions Including: Wet Carbohydrates, Dried Liquids with Suspended and Dissolved Solids, Fats & Oils, Wet & Semi-Dry Fruit


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