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Used Rietz Food Processing Equipment

Rietz offers a wide range of mixers, blanchers, disintegrators and extructors that meet the needs of various applications in the food processing sector. Designed and manufactured under Bepex International LLC, Rietz full line of top-quality equipment are engineered to handle mixing and extrusion requirements in a food processing facility.

All Rietz Equipment - 6 Items

Rietz Extructor RE-15

Model #: RE-15-K7E328
Item No: 20278-RB

Rietz Stainless Steel Extructor

Model # RE-15-K7E328

Serial # RE-721855

Motor 25HP.

Stainless Steel Contact 

Mild Steel Frame 

Rietz RE-24 Extructor

Model #: RE-24-K7E333
Item No: 18418-M

  • Mild steel frame

  • Offset gearbox

  • Tin plated screw

  • 75 HP motor

Rietz Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: RS-28-K3410
Item No: 18394-M

  • All stainless steel   

  • MFG: 1978

  • Dual ribbon, dual end discharge

  • Inside blender dimensions 10'L X 60"W X 36" deep

Rietz Stainless Steel Screw Loader

Model #: C-12-K7208-6
Item No: 18349-M

  • 12" Screw

  • Discharge Height 67"

  • Stainless Steel Construction 

Rietz Extructor RE-15-K7E328

Model #: RE-15-K7E328
Item No: 17953-EXT

  • Model Model # RE-15-K7E328

  • Serial # 95000911

  • Year 1995

  • 15 HP Motor 230/460 Volt, 1750 RPM

  • Stainless Steel Frame

Rietz RE-24 Stainless Steel Extructor

Model #: RE-24-K9E943
Item No: 17755-EXT

  • Model: RE-24-K9E943

  • Chain to sprocket with 75 HP Motor

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • 37"L x 30"W x 41" Deep stainless steel product hopper

  • Year: 1993

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