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Used Food Processing Plastic-recycling Color Sorters

All Plastic-recycling Color Sorters - 6 Items

Tomra Best Helius Laser Sorter 1200 D

Item No: 22036-MSC

Sorter is fed via a vibratory feed shaker.  Product infeed to the shaker pan 82”H and is discharged into the sorter at 73”".  The product then free falls through the aperture of the sorter where two Best laser and camera detection units detect color and or shape defects that are present.  The sorter is equipped with air rejection that will reject the rejected material into a waste stream to be disposed of or later resorted. Sorter is capable of sorting 4-8 Tons of product per hour depending on consistency of infeed and grade of product. 


Helius Laser Sorter:

Machine Type: 1200-D

Serial # 486

Manufacture Date: 11/20/11

Made in: BE-Heverlee

Electrical Requirements:

Single Phase 240 Volt 2.5KVA 60Hrz

Three Phase 480 Volt 3KVA 60Hz

Air: 6-10 Bar 90-145psi.

Water: 1-4 Bar 15-58psi.

Weight: 1150kg 2400lb.

Foot Print: 165”L X 127”W X 82”H


Helius Infeed Shaker:

46” W x 95”L x 9”Deep

Infeed: 82”

Discharge: 73”

Has adjustable feet

Model # 3180 049 2

Serial # HE 4861

Frequency 50Hz

Equipped with 2 Koolen Industry Shaker Units Model # KBM-40-4-EF

Scantrac X-Ray Imaging System inspx

Model #: 215
Item No: 18469-M

  • Model # 215

  • Serial # 53802

  • Metal container imaging system 

  • Up to 2,000 containers/min

  • Auto rejection

  • Touch screen operator interface 

  • Stainless steel construction

Key Tegra 7775 Color Sorter With G-6

Model #: 7775 603593-1
Item No: 17827-MSC

  • Key Tegra Color Sorter With G-6

  • Model # 7775

  • Serial # 06-148036

  • 4 Camera

  • Year: 2006

Key Manta Color Sorter

Model #: Manta 2030F A-604162-1
Item No: 17803-MSC

  • Equipped with G-6

  • (2) Top IR lasers and (3) Top viewing camera

  • Wet CIP system

  • Touch screen operator interface

  • Year 2008

Key Tegra 7775 Color Sorter

Model #: 7775 602226-1
Item No: 17773-MSC

  • Equipped with G-6

  • (2) Top Cameras 

  • Product stabilizer

  • Touch screen operator interface

  • Wet CIP System 

  • Year: 2001

Key Optyx Color Sorter w/ G6

Model #: Key Optyx 602942-1
Item No: 16525-MSC

  • Key Technologies Optyx Color Sorters
  • M/N: Key Optyx 602942-1
  • S/N: 03-100347
  • No in-feed shaker
  • Equiped With G6

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