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Ohlson Two Lane Linear Scale Filler

Model #: 2L2SS
Item No: 18514-FIL

Two-lane linear scale, bulk and dribble vibratory filler / feeder, for filling and feeding dry, granular and free flowing particulate food products / ingredients by weight

The machine is configured with - Two lanes with two scales, manufacturer rated for 22 lb capacity per scale. Manufacturer rated for up to 30 weighs per minute, with timing adjustable to allow for double-stroke fills up to 44 lbs, and approximately 7 ounce minimum weigh capability per scale. Bulk system infeed hopper 8"Wide by 38" Long with inverted "V" center anti-bridging diverter, over vibrating flat trough 12"Deep by 15"Wide by 48"Long.

Scale feed section hopper 17.5"Wide X 17.5"Long at a  77"Infeed height, with a center "V" divider separating the product flow to two, two-lane, flat bottomed bulk and dribble feed pans, each with two 5.5"Deep X 5.5"Wide X 22"Long lanes with shutoff flaps for each lane at the discharge (two pans with four lanes each with flap).

Dual weigh scale buckets each 9"Long X 12"Wide and tapering from 7" to 9"Deep, drop into individual chutes that drop into individual discharge spouts tapering to 3.5"Wide. Each weigh bucket has it's own individual weigh cell.

        •       Discharges could be combined into a single discharge outlet.

        •       Manufacturer rated for scale accuracy (+/-) .5-1 gram.

        •       6 inch touch screen operator control interface, with multiple preset programs with PLC.

        •       110 volt single phase (standard household current) 7 amp electrical input.

        •       Pneumatically actuated lane flaps and weigh-bucket doors require compressed air 1 cfm @ 60psi.

        •       110 inch infeed height to bulk feed hopper, 19.5 inch discharge height from discharge spouts.

        •       All food grade stainless steel product contacts and support frame.

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