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MTC Food Equipment, Inc. is a global manufacturer of new, used, and reconditioned food processing equipment specializing in seafood and meat processing. MTC provides the food industry with reliable food processing machinery such as bowl choppers, meat saws, smokehouses, freezers, and skinning machines, among many others.

All MTC Food Equipment, Inc. Equipment - 2 Items

MTC Prebreaker

Model #: CB-2007
Item No: 18883-RB

10 HP Motor, 4 Sets of Spikes with Each having 3 Spikes, Hydraulically Operated  

MTC Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper

Model #: LE
Item No: 17578-DMP

  • MTC Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper

  • Model: LE

  • Serial: 4925

  • 4,000# capacity

  • Fits approx. 54” x 50” totes @ 80” Pivot

  • Approx. 29" Loading Height

  • No hydraulic power pack


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