APV Crepaco Liquiverter 200 Gallon for Sale

Item: 18358-MSC
Category: Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: APV
or call 1-234-206-2882
Model #: 200 Gallon
Serial #: A-8059
  • 36"W X 36"L X 32"Deep square body single wall mixer vessel

  • New center bottom high-shear impeller with all new seals

  • 2.5" Bottom side outlet with sanitary threaded connection

  • Top center manway with hinged cover

  • Sanitary threaded top inlet

  • Adjustable threaded stainless steel foot pads on stainless steel legs.

  • All food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction

  • 25HP 3 phase direct drive motor powers the impeller

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