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Used Meat Processing Equipment

Meat preparation and processing require careful and sensitive handling to ensure that fresh or precooked end products are safe for consumption. From slicing, grinding, and stuffing to packaging, meat processing machines meet food safety standards. Whether you are producing ground meats, sausage, or anything in between, our high-quality products can be used in various preparation and processing procedures.

Regal Equipment offers a wide range of refurbished and used meat processing and packaging equipment catering to meat processing operations and butcher shops. To learn more about a specific unit, click on the product name below.

Types of Commercial Meat Processing Equipment

Meat Stuffers
Meat stuffers are used predominantly to manufacture sausages, hot dogs, and bratwursts. A sausage stuffer consists of all stainless steel parts with multiple size stuffing tubes to create a variety of sizes.

Meat Slicer
Meat Slicers are used to slice large blocks of meat into portions for packaging. This can be done with both frozen or thawed meat, and slice sizes are adjustable.

Meat Grinders
A commercial meat grinder is a necessary piece of equipment for many applications. Built from sturdy stainless steel, these grinders can produce ground meats in a variety of consistencies. Advanced grinders come with self-feeding capabilities and increased hopper capacity to keep your operation running.

Paddle Blenders
Paddle blenders and mixers are used to mix and agitate products within a u-shaped chamber. These blenders can also be called a vacuum tumbler if equipped with a vacuum pump that loads the product by pulling it into the mixer.

Deboners separate bones to produce boneless meat products. Products including poultry and fish can be fed into the hopper either manually or with a conveyor.

Patty Maker
Also known as meat presses, patty makers take the desired portion and form it into a patty. Perfect for burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sliders. Ground products are put directly in the cone-shaped hopper to be portioned and pressed. Many patty makers come with a built-in paper feeder to separate patties and prevent them from sticking together. 

Dicing equipment can take solid blocks of meat and produce cubes, slices, flakes, or strips of your desired meat, poultry, or seafood.

Metal Detectors
Inline metal detection is a crucial element in the meat processing process. Metal detectors can identify if meat is contaminated with metal, keeping your production line compliant with food safety laws. Adding this equipment to your line can also reduce the need for product recalls and production downtime.

Used Meat Processing Equipment

Vemag/Reiser CC215 Alginate Casing Machine

Model #: CC215
Item No: 22383-MSC

Continuous  Alginate casing machine form Reiser/Vemag 

Model # CC215

Serial # 2150157

New 2018

Sausage Length: 40-1400 mm, Caliber 8-32 mm

Portioning Speed (Depending on Caliber) 

    Length 40 mm 3000 Portions/Min.

    Length  100 mm 1200 Portions/Min.

    Length 120 mm 1000 Portions/Min.

Electrical Requirements: 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 3.5 K.W. FLA 6 Amps.

Air Requirements: 6 Bar

Missing Horn and Feed Belts 

JC Pardo Kettle With Agitation 100 Gallon Capacity

Model #: 100 Gallon
Item No: 22335-KT

Approximately 100 gallon capacity.

Agitation is Pardo side mounted, with Scrapers.

Steam jacketed 100 PSI @ 338 Degrees Fahrenheit

Manual lifting lid equipped with safety switch

Steam control valves and safety valve included on common skid with casters

Rietz/Bepex Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: RSV10K64024
Item No: 22278-MIX


Model #: Robot HP 15 C
Item No: 22230-MSC

Mepaco 4000lb. Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: No Tag
Item No: 22218-MIX

Dual mixing ribbons stainless steel 23" Dia. 

Discharge is dual doors with pneumatic controls

Tub size 7' L X 57" W X 32" Deep

Dual electric motors with 10Hp gear reducing drives 

Safety grates covering top of blender 

Reitz Extructor RE-24

Model #: RE-24-K9E933
Item No: 22057-EXT

Rietz Stainless Steel Extructor RE-24

Model # RE-24-K9E933

Serial # RE-81005

75 HP. Motor

Stainless Steel Construction

Paoli Deboner

Model #: 22
Item No: 21991-MSC

The Paoli Model 22 deboner & desinewer has a simple one-step design and proven reliability. Products (Red meat, poultry, and fish) are fed either automatically or manually into the hopper Input per hour is 250-600Lbs depending on product) and then Paoli does the work The unit contains no parts which require sharpening.Poultry: Necks, wings, backs, and carcasses yield up to 80%Red Meat: Beef, port necks, navels, and briskets from 33% to 65%Fish & Shellfish:Whole fish up to 92%Fish frames up to 90%Lobster bodies up to 65%The unit has a 10HP motor; 230/460V, 3Ph, 1700rpm

Wolfking Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Model #: TSM-1500
Item No: 20287-RB

56"L X 60"W X 39"D, Dual End Discharge, No Tag

Wolfking Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Model #: TSM-1500
Item No: 20284-BL

56"L X 60"W X 39"D, Dual End Discharge, No Tag

Rietz Extructor RE-15

Model #: RE-15-K7E328
Item No: 20278-RB

Rietz Stainless Steel Extructor

Model # RE-15-K7E328

Serial # RE-721855

Motor 25HP.

Stainless Steel Contact 

Mild Steel Frame 

Weiler Grinder Model 1109

Item No: 20269-RB

SN: 76242 On Hopper, MN:1398-5HA, SN: 339 On Gear Box

Rietz S/S Extructor RE-15

Item No: 20263-RB

RE-15-K7E328, SN: RE-702334, 30 Hp

Blentech Jacketed Dual Screw Blender

Item No: 20038-RB

  • MN: DM-28120-JDH

  • SN: 2120012

  • NB: 518,

  • 75 psi @ 320F

  • MFG: 2012

  • Dual Screw 28" Dia.

  • Interior overall Dimensions is 10'L X 57"W X 4'D

  • On Load Cells, Overall Dimensions 13.5'L X 7'W X 14'T

  • Dual end discharge 

Safeline Metal Detector with Incline Conveyor

Item No: 18688-M

  • Aperture 24"W X 6"T

  • Incline conveyor blue rubber belt

  • 23"W X 14'L

Stephan Microcut MCH

Model #: MCH20K
Item No: 18682-M

  • The STEPHAN Microcut Machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine.

  •  They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of meat emulsions for sausage production, fine pate, puree and similar fine and smooth products in the meat and convenience industry.

  • Vol 440 60HZ

  • MFG: 2012 

Urschel Comitrol 2100

Model #: 2100
Item No: 18661-M

  • With stainless steel hopper and stand

  • 3Hp upper hopper agitator

  • 7.5 lower feed screw

  • 40HP 50/60 Hrtz

  • Stainless steel construction

Stephan Microcut MCH

Model #: MCH20K
Item No: 18502-M

  • The STEPHAN Microcut Machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine.

  •  They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of meat emulsions for sausage production, fine pate, puree and similar fine and smooth products in the meat and convenience industry.

  • 120 liter hopper

  • 1200 Kg/Hr. capacity (Depending on Product)

  • 3600 Rpm @ 60Hz

  • Motor 160-M-2A, 15 KW, 60 HZ, A 48,5, 

  • MASSCH. NR. 722.381.01

  • 220V, 230V 3 Phase 

A1 Column Dumper

Model #: A24-122
Item No: 18403-M

  • V mag cart dumper 

  • 6' dump height 

  • 7' overall height 

  • Stainless steel construction

Rietz Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: RS-28-K3410
Item No: 18394-M

  • All stainless steel   

  • MFG: 1978

  • Dual ribbon, dual end discharge

  • Inside blender dimensions 10'L X 60"W X 36" deep

Rietz Extructor RE-15-K7E328

Model #: RE-15-K7E328
Item No: 17953-EXT

  • Model Model # RE-15-K7E328

  • Serial # 95000911

  • Year 1995

  • 15 HP Motor 230/460 Volt, 1750 RPM

  • Stainless Steel Frame

Demaco Stainless Steel Pasta Extruder

Model #: 1000 #
Item No: 17878-MSC

  • 1,000lb an hour capacity

  • 5" Bore

  • 20 HP extruder motor, 1750 RPM and 1175 RPM

  • 3 HP mixer drive

  • Stainless steel barrel

  • Stainless steel mixer bowl and paddles

  • Stainless steel elbow from barrel 

  • Stainless steel bell (die holder) with cutoff assembly

  • Stainless steel frame

Rietz RE-24 Stainless Steel Extructor

Model #: RE-24-K9E943
Item No: 17755-EXT

  • Model: RE-24-K9E943

  • Chain to sprocket with 75 HP Motor

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • 37"L x 30"W x 41" Deep stainless steel product hopper

  • Year: 1993

Formax F-26 Patty Former

Model #: F-26
Item No: 17539-MSC

  • Formax F-26 Patty Former

  • 1000 # Hopper-Automatic straight flow feeding

  • Safety guards w/ interlocks

  • Selector switch to raise mold cover for mold plate changes & clean up

  • Selector switch retracts plungers to clean up position

  • Hopper sides flip up for for clean up

  • No mold plates

Holac HA-125 N Dicer

Model #: HA-125 N
Item No: 16756-UD

  • Model: HA-125 N
  • Serial Number: 121-65-03
  • Grid Size : 1" x 1"
  • HA 125 can process loose or pre-formed products
  • The HA can produce cubes, slices, flakes, or strips from meat, poultry and seafood
  • Output: up to 6,000 #/hr
  • Year: 1997
  • Stainless Steel Construction

A&M Process Equipment Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Double Ribbon Blender

Model #: DRB600
Item No: 16519-MIX

  • M/N: DRB600 53" W x 83" L x 41" Deep
  • Ribbon agitators: 25" Dia. Double-Helix 1-1/2" by 1/4" ribbons outside 3" Dia. shaft - pneumatic glands
  • Each Ribbon Shaft has 7.5 HP 3 phase drive w/ gear reducer - belt and pulley drive configuration
  • 3" Dia. Tri-clamp end bottom discharge outlet in each "U" trough
  • 65" In-feed Height
  • 22" Discharge Height
  • Hinged covers w/ pour grids and safety interlock switches for each side
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Marion Paddle Blenders

Model #: 1001
Item No: 16231-MIX

  • Model # 1001
  • Serial # 80024
  • 3 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 12" Wide X 24" Long X 16" Deep
  • 4" Dia. Center Bottom Discharge 
  • 3/4 Hp 1725 RPM 115/230 Volt Motor

Breddo Likwifier Liquifier

Item No: 15562-MSC

  • Overall: 44” x 44” x 81” Tall
  • Tank: 44” x 44” x 39” Tall
  • Motor: 40HP, 3Ph, 60Hz, 1765 RPM, 230/460 volts

Handtmann Linker/Stuffer Rack 220-16

Model #: 220-16
Item No: 13795-MSC

  • Constructed with stainless steel

Weiler Meat Grinder 1109

Model #: 1109
Item No: 13756-ND

    • Vortex Dimensions: 26" W x 20" L x 22" Deep
    • Equipped with 100 HP motor
    • Stainless steel frame
    • Mild steel contact parts


Hollymatic 8/65 Patty Machine

Model #: Hollymatic 8/65
Item No: 13450-PRS

    • Hollymatic 8/65
    • Automatic Feed
    • 22 1/2" Hopper Infeed
    • Equipped with 2HP, 3 PH motor
    • Stainless Steel Construction


Demaco Pasta Press

Item No: 13447-EXT

  • 3000 to 4000 lb. capacity per hour
  • Equipped with a 7 1/2 HP motor
  • 18" paddle augers with 2 stands
  • Constructed with stainless steel
Diamond Stainless Steel Pork Depositor D-105-RD

Model #: D-105-RD
Item No: 12544-MSC

    • Set to 603 can diameter
    • Equipped with Eurodrives on cutter and can feed
    • Central lube system


Hobart Mixer/Grinder 4356-G

Model #: 4356-G
Item No: 11554-ND

    • 500-lb. hopper size
    • 6" head
    • (2) 20 HP motors


Holac Dicer VA-120N

Model #: VA-120N
Item No: 08263-UD

  • 1/2" x 1/2" grid size
  • Hopper Dimensions: 4-1/2" W x 4-1/2" H x 28" L
  • Constructed with stainless steel


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