Used Mateer-Burt Food Processing Equipment

Mateer-Burt offers an extensive line of filling and packaging equipment for the food and beverage processing industries, as well as pharmaceutical, personal care and household product processing. Offering a comprehensive selection of equipment, Mateer Burt provides precise fillers and exceptional roll-through labelers, offering the industrial sector fast production line.

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Mateer Burt Roll Through Labler

Model #: 408-D
Item No: 18478-M

  • Hydraulic label feed

  • Set can size: 300 X 407 3 piece can

  • Valco glue pot

Mateer Burt Labeler 408-D

Model #: 408-D
Item No: 15163-LBL

    • SOLD
    • Model #408-D
    • Serial # 8066-85-2
    • Can diagram range: 112 to 408
    • Height range: 109 to 906


Mateer Burt Hydraulic Horizontal Feed Roll Thru Labeler 704

Model #: 704
Item No: 08044-LBL

    • Set to 603 x 700
    • Equipped with hydraulic label bed
    • Mild steel painted frame


Mateer Burt Hydraulic Horizontal Feed Roll Thru Labeler 408

Model #: 408
Item No: 08041-LBL

    • SOLD
    • Model 408
    • Hydraulic style


Mateer Burt Labeler AU-404

Model #: AU-404
Item No: 06511-LBL

    • SOLD
    • Two-piece can
    • Dual ratchet label feed
    • Wheel type glue pot, paste pot and flat style drive belts
    • Equipped with 3/4 HP motor


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