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In 1924, some of the citizens of Philipsburg invested capital for the organization of a new company, which they called Nickel Fabricating Company. This was done in an effort to replace the rapidly dwindling coal business, which had provided the majority of employment in the area. They purchased a building, that had formerly housed a skating rink, where they began to manufacture tinned milk cans and heavy duty cooking utensils from pure nickel and nickel alloys.

Today, the Montler family continues to operate Lee Industries with Process Systems & Equipment and Fluid Transfer as divisions. Quality craftsmanship and attention to the customers’ needs continue to dominate the company philosophy, just as they did in the early days. With equipment in service throughout the world, Lee Industries remains a leader in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel and alloy process equipment for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical & biotech, personal care, cosmetic and cosmeceutical, animal food and health, and the industrial and chemical industries.

All Lee Industries Equipment - 5 Items

Lee Tilt Kettle

Model #: 10CD
Item No: 19240-RB

MFG: 1982, Max working Pressure is 125 psi at 355F  

Lee 5 Gallon Tilt Kettle

Item No: 19237-RB

MFG: 1996, Max Working Pressure 125 psi at 325F  

Lee 2.5 Gallon Tilt Kettle

Item No: 19225-RB

Max Working Pressure 125 psi at 353F, Stainless Steel  

Lee Kettle 1000 Gallon

Model #: 1000-D9MS
Item No: 18301-M

  • Hemispherical stainless steel kettle New 2002

  • 1,000 gallon capacity

  • NAB # 9031

  • Max working pressure 58 Psi @ 305 Degrees 

  • Duel motion scrap agitation scrappers and pins are missing 

  • Split two part lid attached to bridge 

  • Lee kettle valve 4"

  • Stairs and operator platform surround kettle and is included 

Lee 200 Gallon Dual Motion Scraped Kettle w/ INA Style Agitation

Model #: D9MS
Item No: 17017-KT

  • Model: D9MS
  • S/N: 13872-1-1
  • Year: 2000
  • MAWP 90 PSI @ 332˚ F
  • MDMT 90 PSI @ -20˚ F
  • NB# 8132
  • Fixed bridge inclined dual motion agitator
  • Single hinged cover
  • 51" dia x 51" deep x 115" OAH (9' 7")
  • 4-1/2" CBO with Fluid Flow valve model BFT
  • MISSING tag on motor -- approx. 5 HP
  • Temperature probe (Missing Gauge)
  • Last used in food industry

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