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JBT Corporation has a long history of leadership in the industries they serve. Food industry machinery was the foundation of the original Bean Spray Pump Company founded by John Bean in the 1880s. The Bean Spray Pump technology was also at the foundation of the first airport product when a John Bean Spray Pump was adapted to become an aircraft deicer in the 1960s. The Bean Spray Pump Company is the foundation on which FMC Corporation, FMC Technologies and now JBT Corporation are built.

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FMC/JBT Lab Steritort

Item No: 19438-RB

MFG: 2010, Max Working Pressure 45 psi at 292F, Multiple Can Size Reels, 211, 300, 404, 307, 603, 29"Deep X 60"Dia., JBT FoodTech Log-Tec Momentum Controls  

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