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Hinds-Bock corporation provides an extensive array of machinery for the food production and baking industries. They specialize in high quality piston & servo depositing/filling equipment and systems. Hinds-Bock also provides equipment such as vertical forms/fills/seals, filling & sealing machines and horizontal vacuum formers.

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Hinds Bock 4-Piston Filler

Model #: 6P-03
Item No: 17362-FIL

Hinds Bock 4-Piston Filler

  • Model # 6P-03

  • Stainless steel round hopper 30" Deep x 20" Dia.

  • Product pistons are actuated by a single pneumatic cylinder with timer

  • Adjustable up-down and side to side

  • Nozzles are manifold style - manifold does adjust

  • Nozzle openings are not adjustable

  • Piston size: 1-1/2" Dia. x 4” Deep

  • 110V, single phase

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