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Groen is a global producer of high-quality copper kettles and pressure vessels designed for industrial processors. Groen introduced the tilting braising pan, the stainless-steel jacketed kettle, and the first combination oven designed and built in the U.S.A. Groen now offers a wide range of choices in the commercial cooking area. Its line of equipment also includes steamers, mixers, and water filtration systems.

All Groen Equipment - 3 Items

Groen Pressure Kettle

Model #: TA-20-SP
Item No: 16381-KT

  • M/N: TA-20-SP

  • S/N: 716

  • NAB #:24037

  • Max. Working Pressure: 60 psi

  • Single Agitation

Groen Steam Jacketed Tilt Kettle DT-10-SP

Model #: DT-10-SP
Item No: 12553-KT

    • 10 gallon capacity
    • Year: 1973


Groen INA Kettle

Model #: INA-300-SP
Item No: 12019-KT

  • Groen INA Kettle

  • Model: INA-300-SP

  • N.B.#: 42564

  • Max. Working Pressure: 45 PSI @ 300˚F

  • Single Motion Scrape

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