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Greerco High Shear mixers utilize an axial in/out rotor and stator system to provide mixing and shear in emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications. Tank mounted Homogenizers or in-line Colloid Mills and Pipeline Mixers are available for your processing applications in the Food, Cosmetic, Oil and Gas, Polymer, and Chemical Processing Industries.

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Greerco Agi-Mixer

Item No: 15205-MIX

  • Features 316 stainless steel contact surfaces

  • 230 gallon total capacity with 200 gallon/757 liters working capacity

  • 42" Diameter X 46" Deep vessel, jacketed kettle rated for 90PSI at 330?? F

  • Scraper agitator with counter rotating baffles feature spring loaded teflon scraper blades and mounting pins

  • 4 HP homogenizing mixer belt driven by 10 PH drive

  • 3" center bottom outlet accepts flush seating valve, kettle body has 360 degree mounting lip for deck or floor seating

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