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Used Food Processing Washers

Food processing washers are used in food product preparation, cleaning products before and after these go further processing. These equipment include de-stoner washers, scalping reels, reel washers, tunnel washers, and can washers.

The washer's primary function is to remove stone, bacteria, silt, grubs, debris, and other floating wastes, while at the same time gently treating products to avoid any damage. Food processing washers are used in many types of processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, and fresh-cut produce such as lettuce and cabbage. Washers are also heavily used in canning applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing washers from various manufacturers including Lyco, and G.J. Olney. To learn more about a specific food processing washer, click on the product name below. 

All Washers - 15 Items

Lecrow Vegetable Drier

Item No: 22677-MSC

5 Stainless steel spinner baskets 21"D X 24" Diam. with 1/4" holes

230-460 Volt, 3PH 

4 Brute Liners

LYCO Warhorse Peeler /Washer

Model #: 11900 Warhorse Peeler
Item No: 21931-PLR

LYCO Warhorse Peeler / Washer

Model: 11900 Hydraulic War Horse

9 Brush Rolls

Serial: P-0718-874151

Hydraulic Power Pack 20 HP. 230/460

Year : 2018

Stainless Steel Construction

Odenberg Spray Washer 13

Model #: 13
Item No: 18532-M

  • Stainless steel construction

  • MFG: 2013

Odenberg Brusher, Peel Remover

Model #: Brusher
Item No: 18529-M

  • Dry peel eliminator

  • MFG: 2013

  • Wet or dry product

  • Depending on brush selection you can gently remove loose peel or aggressively remove minor defects

  • Stainless steel construction 

HMI Heinzen SB100 Auto Batch Dryer

Item No: 18184-WSH

  • Automatic centrifugal spin drying system for high volume drying of fresh cut produce (iceberg lettuce, spring mix, baby spinach, shredded carrots, cabbage slaw, chopped romaine, leafy products...).

  • Includes Z-shaped feed conveyor 12"W with a fine woven belt to allow water to pass through. It is configured with a 16" horizontal infeed, 150"L incline section and a 5' long discharge.  

  • 13 Cubic foot (30"Dia. X 32"Deep) stainless steel drum / dryer basket. Perforations are 5/32"Dia. round holes. Dryer basket has a clean unobstructed interior without spokes or axles in the product zone.

  • Air assisted product transfer and discharge

  • Central lubrication system

  • Stainless steel control box with Allen Bradley PLC control system. Systems includes touch screen operator control panel. This allows for quick product changeover by presetting hold times and other parameters for multiple products

  • All food grade stainless steel construction

Magnuson 12 Roll Brush Washer

Model #: WSP2123-375007.0107
Item No: 17845-MSC

  • Magnuson 12 Roll Brush Peeler Washer

  • Model # WSP-2123

  • Hydraulic drive and power pack 

  • Stainless steel construction

Fresh Tec Stainless Steel Washer

Item No: 17785-WSH

  • Fresh Tec Stainless Steel Washer

  • Size: 13' Long X 44" Wide X 30" Deep

  • 4 Pumps - 3 to washer 1 to reservoir

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Last Washing: Salad Product

G.J. Olney FC 24 Foam Cleaner

Model #: FC 24
Item No: 17398-WSH

  • The Olney Foam Cleaner combines flotation cleaning and screening to provide the cleanest product.

  • An air manifold system incorporates air into the flotation tank to increase buoyancy and float trash, such as hollow or broken kernels and corn silk, to the surface.

  • Corn kernels are de-watered and screened on the vibratory discharge shaker and discharged separately from the trash.

Key Flotation Washer with Dewatering Discharge Conveyor

Item No: 16318-WSH

  • Washer Dimensions: 42" W x 60" L
  • Conveyor Dimensions: 42" W x 56" L
  • 4" Recircation Pump
Custom Designed & Fabricated Flotation Washer

Item No: 16315-WSH

  • 30" W x 60" L
  • 3" Re-circulation Pump
  • Stainless Steel Construction

G.J. Olney Destoner Washer

Model #: 24 MINI MAX
Item No: 16240-WSH

  • 24" Wide Ripple Pan X 72" Long
  • Equipped with 2 HP Return Pump
  • 1/2 HP Drive on the Discharge Conveyor

A.K. Robins Rotary Wash Reel 1983

Model #: 1983
Item No: 15901-MSC

  • 29" Dia. X 118" L
  • Perfs: .090"
  • Stainless steel construction

G.J. Olney Washer 48 Flood

Model #: 48 Flood
Item No: 13435-WSH

    • Model #: 48 Flood
    • Equipped with Crane Deming Food Pump: 6-1/2" Inlet & Outlet
    • Product #: 4021 50710400
    • Includes Lincoln Electric 20 HP, 230/460 V, 1760 RPM, 60 Hz, 54/27 amp, 3 PH motor
    • Overall Dimensions: 84" W x 168" L x 96" H; Interior Dimensions: 48" W x 140" L x 47" H
    • Includes (2) Stainless Steel Screens
    • Screen Perforation: 3/16"
    • (1) Screen Measuring: 48" W x 27-1/2" L; (2) Screens Measuring: 48" W x 28-1/2" L
    • Includes (6) Rows of Overhead Spray Nozzles, totaling (32) Overhead Spray Nozzles;
    • Equipped with: RETURN RESERVOIR -- 6 1/2" Inlet & Outlet
    • 72" L x 90" W x 35" Diameter
    • Contains (3) Stainless Steel Screens at top of machine measuring 27 1/2" in the Middle section and 29 1/2" on both the Left and Right sections
    • Stainless Steel Construction


Sani-Matic Tunnel Washer R-D5-RR1-FR1

Model #: R-D5-RR1-FR1
Item No: 12955-WSH

    • Model: R-D5-RR1-FR1
    • Capacity: Sizes up to 18" x 24" x 28" L
    • Overall Dimensions: 86.5" H x 64" W
    • 3 Individual Cleaning Sections:
    • 1 - Recirculated Detergent Section,with (5) Spray Rings
    • 2 - Recirculated Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring
    • 3 - Final Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring; Equipped with 230/460 V, 3525 RPM, 60 Hz, 1.15 amp motor
    • Used for Moderate Soil Conditions Including: Wet Carbohydrates, Dried Liquids with Suspended and Dissolved Solids, Fats & Oils, Wet & Semi-Dry Fruit


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