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Used Food Processing Tanks

Food processing tanks are industrial sized sanitary containers used to hold or temporary store food products, retaining product quality and maintaining safety for consumption. These tanks and vessels also perform intermediate processes including mixing, cooling, and heating and are critical for continuous food processing operations.

Some types include horizontal tanks, vertical tanks, multi-compartment tanks, and more. Food processing tanks are used in a variety of processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, snack foods, dairy applications, soups, sauces, preserves, brewery applications, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned tanks from various manufacturers including Cherry-Burrell, Lanco and Groen. To learn more about a specific food processing tank, click on the product name below. 

All Tanks - 10 Items

Viatec Process/Storage Systems 326 Gallon Kettle

Model #: 326
Item No: 22668-TK

National Board Serial Number 6459

Shell Thick .159, Head Thick .159

Jacket 140PSI 360F

With Agitation  

Viatec Process Storage Systems Stainless Mix/Holding Tank

Model #: 326 Gal.
Item No: 22224-TNK

Stainless Steel Holding Tank with Jacket 

Scrap Surface Agitation with center Prop Agitation 

NAB # 6459

Walker Single Wall Stainless Steel Tank

Item No: 20023-RB

SN: 6283, Cap. 900 Gal., MN: Hold, MFG:1991, 304 SS., DRG: SP-19340-D, Tank Number T60B02, Tank 4'T X 5.5'Dia., Overall Height Approx. 13', Cone Bottom with 4" Center Discharge, Dome Top with Manway Style Entrance, Center Prop Agitation with Baffle  

Walker Single Wall Stainless Steel Tank

Item No: 19954-RB

SN: 6282, Cap. 900 Gal., MFG: 1991, MN: Hold, 304 SS, DRG- SP-19340-D, NB: 2314, Dome top, Cone Bottom, Manway Style Entrance, 3" Center Outlet, 52"T X 60"Dia., Overall Height Approx. 13', Sweep Agitation with Baffle, Tank Number: T60A02   

Walker Single Wall Stainless Steel Tank

Item No: 19900-RB

SN: 6286, 800 Gal., MN: Hold, MFG: 1991, 304 SS, DRG: SP-19340-D, 4" Outlet, 70"Dia. X 50"T, Overall Height Approx. 14'T, Dome Top, Manway Style Entrance, Sweep Agitation  

Mueller Porta Tank 435 Gallon

Model #: 435 Gallon
Item No: 18541-M

  • Design pressure 35 PSI

  • Design Temp 100F

  • Test pressure 53 PSI

  • Volume .176 CU FT

  • Medium None/Glyco

  • Stainless steel construction

Custom Designed & Fabricated Stainless Steel Mix Tank

Item No: 16387-TK

  • Stainless Steel Single Shell
  • 33" Dia. X 49" H

Custom Designed and Manufactured Tank

Item No: 15625-TNK

  • 60" H x 52" Dia.

  • Tank Capacity: Approx. 500 Gallons

Mueller Horizontal Tank 1000 Gallon Horizontal

Model #: 1000 Gallon Horizontal
Item No: 11974-TNK

  • All Stainless steel construction
  • 58" Dia. x 122" L
  • Maximum Vessel Working Pressure: 44 PSI
  • Maximum Vessel Temperature: 250˚ F
  • Top man-way

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