Used Food Processing Steritort Equipment

Steritorts are batch retort simulators that perform sterilization processes. These laboratory pressure sterilizers allow processors to design thermal processes as well as study effects of temperature and time variables on canned food products. Steritort equipment also helps in conducting studies that simulate equipment type best fit for product requirements.

Through test results, a product's behavior in production sterilizers such as rotary pressure, rotary atmosphere, hydrostatic, or orbital rotary pressure, can be determined. Aside from heat penetration and cooling rate studies, steritorts are also used to assess product quality as well as to study food container behavior and glass closure seal strength. Steritort processors are used in various processing facilities for meats, fruits, vegetables, canning, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing steritort machinery from trusted manufacturers including FMC.  To learn more about a specific food processing steritort, click on the product name below. 

All Steritort Equipment - 2 Items

FMC Steritort Universal Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer 610-10

Model #: 610-10
Item No: 16423-RT

  • FMC Steritort Universal Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer
  • Model: 610-10 Universal
  • Serial: 3608-25-67
  • Job: 513
  • NB: 854
  • PSI: 45
  • Temp: 450˚ F
  • MFG: 854
  • Year: 1967

FMC Steritort Standard Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer 600-10

Model #: 600-10
Item No: 14362-MSC

    • Job: 439
    • National Board #: 807
    • PSI: 45
    • Temp: 450º F
    • Year: 1966


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