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Used Food Processing Seamers

Industrial seamers provide for special needs and requirements of can manufacturing/production houses and certain food products undergoing the sealing process. Playing a big role in the preservation of canned food and beverage products, seamers are responsible for leak-proof sealing of lids to can bodies.

Can lids are sealed tightly to avoid wrinkling, contamination, and rotting of processed food products. A variety of seamers including irregular can seamers, round can seamers, and vacuum can seamers are used in food processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, seafood, snack foods, beverages, and canneries worldwide.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned seaming equipment from known manufacturers including Angelus and Camco. To learn more about a specific industrial seamer, click on the product name below. 

All Seamers - 13 Items

Pneumatic Scale Angelus 59-P Can Seaming Machine

Model #: 59-P
Item No: 22392-SEM

Pneumatic Scale Angelus can closing machine,   59-P can seamer machine Sanitary tin can seamer last running a 603 X 700 diameter can.  

Equipped with a straight line infeed, steam flow.

Mile steel painted machine.

Angelus 50-P Seamer

Model #: No Tag
Item No: 22254-SEM

Set 1 gallon # 10  603 X 700 Dia. tin can.

Straight line infeed w/ steam flow 

Parts Machine 

Angelus 60-L Can Seamer

Model #: No Tag
Item No: 22248-FIL

Set 300 x 407 Dia. tin can

Straight line infeed with timing screw

Parts Machine 

Angelus 59-P Can Seamer

Model #: No Tag
Item No: 22236-SEM

Currently set for # 10 603 X 700 diameter tin can

Straight line infeed 

Parts Machine 

Elmar Piston Filler 36 Station

Model #: RPE- 536 1 LH
Item No: 22146-SEM

Elmar Piston Filler 36 Station

Model # RPE-536 1 LH

Serial # EMS2-9210

Manufactured Date: 1992

Currently Set: 14oz. 300 X 407 Dia. 

Pneumatic Scale Angelus / Continental Can Co. Model 2003-RCM-1 Seamer

Model #: 2003-RCM-1
Item No: 21973-SEM

Rotary 3 Head Seamer

Set 603 X 700

300 cans per minute depending on can size and product

Spiral timer infeed

Electronic can sensor cover trip

Angelus 40P-MSLF Seamer

Model #: 40P-MSLF
Item No: 17554-MSC

  • Angelus Seamer

  • Model: 40P-MSLF

  • (4) head steam flow seamer

  • Set on 401 x 411 size cans

  • Straight-line in-feed (missing chain)

  • Rotary marker

  • Approx. 5 HP drive motor

  • Painted mild steel base

  • Missing covers and motor guards

Angelus 60-L Can Seamer

Model #: 60-L
Item No: 17047-SEM

  • Model: 60-L
  • Set for: 307 diameter cans.
  • (6) head atmospheric closure can seamer
  • Complete with new straight line in-feed table, in-motion timer filler drive, rotary marker, 10 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase variable speed drive.
  • MFG rated as capable of a can size range of: 200 - 404 dia. by 111 to 712 high --- with proper change parts, and speeds from 175 - 500 cans per minute, depending on size and diameter can.

Continental Can Clincher

Model #: 5-C
Item No: 16432-SEM

  • Model # 5-C
  • Set: 303

Continental Vac Seamer

Model #: 23-DS
Item No: 16429-SEM

  • Model # 23-DS
  • Serial # 50
Continental Single Head Vacuum Seamer

Model #: 244 DS Vacuum
Item No: 16384-SEM

  • Set: 401 x 411

Canco #1 Western Semi Automatic Closing Machine

Model #: #1
Item No: 16375-SEM

  • Set: 603 x 700

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