Used Food Processing Retorts

Retorts are production sterilizer machines that thoroughly clean food containers and packaged food products prone to microbial spoilage. Through retorts, food products are packed and sealed in a pouch or a metal can and then heated to high temperatures, sterilizing the products and keeping these safe for consumption.

Some retort types include continuous, batch, or end-over-end sterilizers. These food retort systems are used in processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, poultry, canning, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing retort equipment from manufacturers including WSF Industries, FMC, and Satori Stocktec. To learn more about a specific food processing retort, click on the product name below. 

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Stock Pilot Rotor 900 Retort

Model #: Pilot Rotor 900
Item No: 17041-RT

  • Stock Pilot Rotor 900 Lab Retort
  • Model: Pilot Rotor 900
  • Year: 1992
  • The Pilot Rotor is able to perform all known heat sterilization methods. All containers or other packages can be processed in the static or rotary mode, axial or "end-over-end".
  • Rotation is clockwise or with alternating sense, continual or in intervals.
  • The Pilot Rotor 900 is suitable for the development and testing of new products.
  • Particularly suitable for assessing new packaging materials and new types of food containers as well as testing their behavior during heat treatment.
  • Gives ability to design optimal processing guidelines for future products. Ideal for processing small production quantities predetermined for market tests.

Reid 5 Basket Horizontal Retort

Item No: 16933-RT

  • Reid 5 Basket Horizontal Retort
  • 60" Dia. x 18' L
  • Single quick opening door.
  • MFG tagged and NAB coded for 30 PSI steam pressure.
  • Complete with ABB Commander 1900 digital controls with dual pen chart recorder, miscellaneous valves, fittings, and plumbing.
  • 23" basket track centers
  • Some pitting along the inside bottom
  • Year: 1964
  • Vertical slatted/Busse style baskets are available separately.

FMC Steritort Universal Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer 610-10

Model #: 610-10
Item No: 16423-RT

  • FMC Steritort Universal Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer
  • Model: 610-10 Universal
  • Serial: 3608-25-67
  • Job: 513
  • NB: 854
  • PSI: 45
  • Temp: 450˚ F
  • MFG: 854
  • Year: 1967

Steriflow Retort System

Item No: 15196-TOR

    • Basket cooker complete with micro processing


Pilot Lab Retort 2402

Model #: 2402
Item No: 14503-MSC

  • This multi-purpose system has a 24" Dia. chamber and is rated 45 psi/full vacuum @ 325º F
  • National board and code stamped
  • Stainless steel base
  • Unit has Honeywell TrueLine chart recorder, and numerous desirable features including agitation, heat exchanger, & pump


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