Used Food Processing Palletizer/Depalletizer

Palletizers/depalletizers assemble, stack and destack, load and unload packages of food products to or from pallets. Capable of carrying multiple heavy loads of products and may feature large horizontal and vertical reaches for palletizing from varying distances, these material handling machines increase production line productivity.

Palletizers/depalletizers are used in processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, snack foods, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned palletizers/depalletizers from various manufacturers including Whallon and Priority One. To learn more about a specific food processing palletizer/depalletizer, click on the product name below. 

All Palletizer/Depalletizer - 3 Items

Priority One Case Palletizer

Model #: Pro-Pall 3500
Item No: 16651-PLT

  • Runs 300ml, 500ml. 700/710ml, 1L, 1.5L-All Pack Sizes
  • 48 CPM on 12 pack
  • Voltage: 575V/3/60


Whallon Palletizer/Depalletizer

Item No: 15310-MSC

    • Pallet Conveyor: 140" x 49"
    • Magnetic Head: 52" x 44"
    • Accumulation Table: 9' x 4'

Whallon Palletizer/Depalletizer 790

Model #: 790
Item No: 15307-MSC

    • Pallet Conveyor: 13" x 49"
    • Magnetic Head: 42" x 50"
    • Feed Table: 9' x 51"
    • Single Filer: 10' x 16"

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