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Used Food Processing Mixers

Food processing mixers combine, mix, blend, fold, and whip large amounts of ingredients needed for specific food products. These are composed of two main parts, the vessel and the agitator. The vessel is often shaped like a bowl and may be open or enclosed by a lid. The agitator is made of high-powered blades or paddles that does the mixing action and may even break down food items.

Industrial mixers include batch mixers, ribbon mixers, cutter mixers, blender, and other types. These food mixers are used in various processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, canning, baked goods, as well as in large restaurants, breweries, and in other large batch food preparation applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing mixers from various manufacturers including Atlas and Groen. To learn more about a specific food processing mixer, click on the product name below. 

All Mixers - 19 Items

Rheon KN400 Encrusting Machine

Model #: FDSCR-24
Item No: 22347-BAK

  Rheon Automatic Machinery KN400 Cornucopia encrusting machine.  Machine was manufactured in 1998 was used last in a R&D operation to form dough balls.  Serial # 261, 220 Volt, 60 Hz., 1 Phase, 13.3 Amps. Capable of 10-60 pieces of formed product per. minute depending on product and feed.    

Mepaco 4000lb. Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: No Tag
Item No: 22218-MIX

Dual mixing ribbons stainless steel 23" Dia. 

Discharge is dual doors with pneumatic controls

Tub size 7' L X 57" W X 32" Deep

Dual electric motors with 10Hp gear reducing drives 

Safety grates covering top of blender 

Wolfking Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Model #: TSM-1500
Item No: 20287-RB

56"L X 60"W X 39"D, Dual End Discharge, No Tag

Wolfking Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Model #: TSM-1500
Item No: 20284-BL

56"L X 60"W X 39"D, Dual End Discharge, No Tag

Robot Coupe

Model #: R 502 Series E
Item No: 19276-RB

5 1/2 QT, 110 Volt  

Crepaco Single Shaft Ribbon Blender

Model #: FB
Item No: 18454-M

  • Single shaft ribbon agitation

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Jacketed

  • Hydraulically powered

  • Tub size: 4'W X 4'D X 6'L

Mepaco ThermaBlend 170

Model #: ThermaBlend 170
Item No: 18451-M

  • 2,500 lb. capacity

  • Dual ribbon agitation

  • Dual end discharge

  • Tub size: 5' W X 7' L X 32" D

  • All stainless steel construction

Mepaco ThermaBlend 170

Model #: ThermaBlend
Item No: 18448-M

  • 2,500 lb. capacity

  • Dual ribbon agitation

  • Dual end discharge

  • Tub size: 5'W X 7'L X 32"D

  • All stainless steel construction

RMF Duel Auger Unloader

Model #: 14853
Item No: 18421-M

  • Duel 12" Augers

  • 15'L

  • Discharge height 42"

  • Stainless Steel Construction

Weiler Grinder MD # 1109

Model #: 1109
Item No: 18409-M

  • Tin plated hopper and screw

  • 100 Hp motor

  • Stainless steel frame 

Rietz Dual Ribbon Blender

Model #: RS-28-K3410
Item No: 18394-M

  • All stainless steel   

  • MFG: 1978

  • Dual ribbon, dual end discharge

  • Inside blender dimensions 10'L X 60"W X 36" deep

Cozzini Stainless Steel Screw Loader with 650 Pump

Model #: CSLH 5000-2
Item No: 18391-M

  • MFG: 02/2016

  • Unibloc pump

Lee Kettle 1000 Gallon

Model #: 1000-D9MS
Item No: 18301-M

  • Hemispherical stainless steel kettle New 2002

  • 1,000 gallon capacity

  • NAB # 9031

  • Max working pressure 58 Psi @ 305 Degrees 

  • Duel motion scrap agitation scrappers and pins are missing 

  • Split two part lid attached to bridge 

  • Lee kettle valve 4" 

Lightnin Mixer

Model #: PG-15
Item No: 16729-MIX

  • Model: PG-15
  • Serial: 1-74265-3
  • 5 HP Motor 230/460 V/60 Hz/3 Ph
  • No Prop

Quadro Stainless Steel Ytron ZC Mixer

Model #: ZC1 Global-Single Seal
Item No: 16522-MIX

  • Model:  ZC1 Global-Single Seal
  • Serial: ZC1-0179R
  • Motor: 7.5HP, 3600 RPM, 460V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
  • Stainless Steel construction

A&M Process Equipment Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Double Ribbon Blender

Model #: DRB600
Item No: 16519-MIX

  • M/N: DRB600 53" W x 83" L x 41" Deep
  • Ribbon agitators: 25" Dia. Double-Helix 1-1/2" by 1/4" ribbons outside 3" Dia. shaft - pneumatic glands
  • Each Ribbon Shaft has 7.5 HP 3 phase drive w/ gear reducer - belt and pulley drive configuration
  • 3" Dia. Tri-clamp end bottom discharge outlet in each "U" trough
  • 65" In-feed Height
  • 22" Discharge Height
  • Hinged covers w/ pour grids and safety interlock switches for each side
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Breddo Likwifier Liquifier

Item No: 15562-MSC

  • Overall: 44” x 44” x 81” Tall
  • Tank: 44” x 44” x 39” Tall
  • Motor: 40HP, 3Ph, 60Hz, 1765 RPM, 230/460 volts

Peerless Stainless Steel Mixer DA-100

Model #: DA-100
Item No: 10861-MIX

    • Model: DA-100
    • Heavy Duty Double Arm Mixer
    • Capacity: 500 lbs.
    • Includes Hot Water Make up System with Circulating Pump and Allen Bradley PLC Controller Touch Pad
    • Hydraulic Tilt -- Blades are Sigma Configuration
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Equipped with 15HP Hydraulic Drive
    • New in 1999


Moline Spiral Mixer MSM-352-4

Model #: MSM-352-4
Item No: 09724-BL

    • Model: MSM-352-4
    • 2-Speed Digital Mixer
    • Dry Flour Capacity: 200 lbs.
    • Dough Capacity: 384 with an Absorption Rate of 62%
    • Equipped with 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz motor
    • NEW 1994


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