Used Food Processing Labelers

Labellers automatically dispense, affix, decorate, feed, or full-wrap labels or other informational tags on packaged food products. These labellers are capable of smooth and accurate positioning of labelling materials such as plastics, foils, and paper onto multiple types of packaging containers, display, and transit packs.

Variations include roll-fed labellers, compact inline labellers, wet glue, and pressure sensitive applicators. Food processing labellers are used in processing facilities for meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, as well as in canning, bottling, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing labeler from various manufacturers including Mateer Burt. To learn more about a specific food processing labeler, click on the product name below. 

All Labelers - 14 Items

Krones Canmatic 24 Station Labeler

Model #: Canmatic
Item No: 20722-RB

Set "SOUP" 10.5 Oz, SN: 73-295, MFG: 1985 

Krones Canmatic 24 Station Labeler

Item No: 20689-RB

Set 45's (307 X 512), Change Parts 211 X 315, 303 X 500, 300 X 407, and "55", SN: 073-L95

Krones Canmatic 24 Station Labeler

Model #: Canmatic
Item No: 20662-RB

SN: 073-K87, MFG: 1998 Set 10.7 Oz, Change Parts 14.75 Oz  

Bear Roll Through Labler

Item No: 20587-RB

404 X 700, No Tag

Krones Canmatic 32 Station Labeler

Item No: 20560-RB

Set For Glass 4, 4.5 and 6 Oz, SN: 80-A10  

Krones Canmatic Labeler, 24 Station

Item No: 20542-RB

Set For Glass 3.5 Oz  

Krones Canmatic Labeler

Item No: 20533-RB

Set For Glass, 12 Oz Gravy, Change Parts for 15 Oz  

Krones Solomodul 35 Station Labler

Item No: 20503-RB

MN: Solomodul II-, Equipment K406397, MFG: 2017, With Krones Checkmat 731, SN: K731CCF, Krones Table Top Conveyor 3.5"W X 25' Approx., Control Cabinet, Spare Parts Shelf, 2 Component Pressure Sensitive Label for Set 4 Oz, Change Parts for 4.5 Oz, 5 Oz  

Taptone 500

Model #: T-500-CMS-P
Item No: 18484-M

  • Container inspection system

  • 2,000 containers/min capacity

  • Touch screen interface

  • Stainless steel housing 

Scantrac X-Ray Imaging System inspx

Item No: 18481-M

  • Metal container inspection system

  • Auto rejection

  • Touch screen operator interface

Mateer Burt Roll Through Labler

Model #: 408-D
Item No: 18478-M

  • Hydraulic label feed

  • Set can size: 300 X 407 3 piece can

  • Valco glue pot

Taptone 500

Model #: T500 CMS-P
Item No: 18466-M

  • Container inspection system 

  • 2000 containers/min capacity

  • Touch screen interface

  • Stainless Steel housing

Krones Canmatic

Model #: 073-P12
Item No: 18463-M

  • Wrap around pre-cut paper labelling machine

  • 5 oz 208 X 208 aluminum cans

  • MFG: 2001 

Mateer Burt Hydraulic Horizontal Feed Roll Thru Labeler 704

Model #: 704
Item No: 08044-LBL

    • Set to 603 x 700
    • Equipped with hydraulic label bed
    • Mild steel painted frame


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