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Hydro Chiller 2DA3R89KE-TFD-C40

Model #: 2DA3R89KE-TFD-C40
Item No: 14866-MSC

    • Model: LTCG23TC
    • 22' L X 25" W
    • Equipped with white plastic interlox style belt
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Mueller plate chiller, condenser, and controls for chill water supply
    • Unit designed to maintain 33˚F process water
    • Copeland Discus freon compressor included
    • 3HP/460V/3PH/60HZ
    • Re-circulation pump and recovery tank included


Garoutte Belt Hydro-chiller & Garoutte Plate Chiller HO519-GL

Model #: HO519-GL
Item No: 14773-MSC

    • Belt size 40" W X 22' L
    • Interlox belt with Garoutte Freon stainless steel plate chiller
    • 3 Plates -- size: 36" H X 60" L
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Requires compressor and condenser


Hydro Chiller 30' L x 12' H x 5' W

Model #: 30' L x 12' H x 5' W
Item No: 09577-CHW

    • Dimensions: Overall 30' L x 12' H x 5' W
    • Drive: chain with paddles, 2 HP motor with 2.70 gear box
    • Capacity: 3 standard 40 x 48 with product height up to 7'
    • Chain conveyor moves either direction with proximity switches
    • Catch pan is galvanized steel, drains into screened filter cage, then is pumped back to chiller coil
    • Chiller coil: water chilled to 36º F, coil is located in bottom of recaptured reservoir
    • Spray bar: (4) 4" PVC pipes with holes provide water spray to product
    • Pallets are introduced at one end, where advanced under spray bar and deluged with chilled water until target temperature is reached
    • Chiller and pumps are not included


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