Used Food Processing Huskers

Food processing huskers detach and remove husks, stems, tops and various debris from food products including corn, fruits, vines, carrots, and potatotes. These industrial huskers use various rollers to shell large quantities of corn or grain, deleaf onions and sprouts, destem citrus fruits, and more.

Huskers are ideally suited for providing ears and food products ready for fresh market and fresh frozen sale. Food huskers are used in various food processing facilities for fruits and vegetables, root crops, and others.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing huskers from various manufacturers including Hughes, Hamachek and A&K Development. To learn more about a specific food processing husker, click on the product name below. 

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Hughes Fresh Market Corn Cob Cutting Line

Item No: 18226-MSC

  • Fresh curt cob line capacity estimated @ 2-3 tons per hour depending on feed rate and quality of product

  • Line consisting of the following equipment 

  • Hughes product conveyor 20' L x 18" W, stainless steel construction

  • Hughes cob feed shaker orienter to fresh market husker 10' L X 20" W

  • Hughes Husker Fresh Market 2 Lane

  • Hughes fresh market cob saw 

  • Includes platforms and controls 

A&K Development 16 Lane Corn Husker Series #2

Model #: Series #2
Item No: 13570-HK

    • 9' W x 90" L x 53" H overall dimensions
    • Equipped with (2) 1 HP, 230/460 V, 1725 RPM, 3 PH motors and (2) 3 PH, 20.4/10.2 amp motors
    • Constructed with stainless steel contact parts


Hughes Corn Husker 032-4941D

Model #: 032-4941D
Item No: 13429-HK

    • 6 lane
    • Equipped with 10 HP motor
    • Stainless steel contact parts
    • Mild steel frame


Frank Hamachek 12-Lane Corn Husker

Item No: 12244-HK

    • Shaker feed hopper
    • Safety cage for covering rolls
    • Constructed with stainless steel


A&K Development 8-Lane Corn Husker

Item No: 08572-HK

  • 8 lane
  • Belt bin feeder
  • Husker and lane divider
  • Constructed with stainless steel


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