Used Food Processing Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers transfer heat and cool food products in several stages of processing, keeping these safe for consumption. These systems are suited for quick heating, pasteurization, sterilization, and esterification of food products such as oils, dairy products, eggs, and sauces.

Various types of heat exchangers include plate, shell, tube, and scrape surface heat exchangers. Choosing the best type depends on attributes of the product being processed such as viscosity and particle size. Heat exchangers are used in many types of food processing facilities for meats, fruits and vegetables, seafood, prepared dishes, confectionaries, jams and preserves, beverages, and more.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing heat exchangers from various manufacturers including Alfa Laval, APV, Crepaco, Mueller and Chester Jensen. To learn more about a specific food processing heat exchanger, click on the product name below. 

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Cherry Burrell Twin Tube Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger 672S

Model #: 672S
Item No: 09190-HT

  • Cherry Burrell Twin Tube Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger 672S

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