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Used Food Processing Cooling Tunnels

Cooling tunnels ensure controlled reduction of temperature in batch and continuous handling systems. These tunnels use blowers that force ambient air into a tunnel while at the same time draw heated air from parts out the opposite end. Food products are moved through these cooling tunnels via conveyors and are sent to a cooling space after.

Depending on the food product, water or gas can be used as a coolant and may be sprayed over the product. Cooling tunnels provide and control product temperature through processes like convection, conduction, and radiation cooling. These systems are used in many types of food processing facilities for vegetables, fruits, snack foods, baked goods, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned cooling tunnels from manufacturers including FMC and I&H. To learn more about a specific food processing cooling tunnel, click on the product name below. 

All Cooling Tunnels - 5 Items

JBT/FMC 3 Shell Sterilimatic Rotary Cooker Cooler System

Model #: 3 Shell
Item No: 22389-CK

Pressure Cooker Shell

Can Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 2478

Serial # 3642-104-57

Year: 1957

Max Pressure 33 Psi.

National Board # 609

Retrofitted by JBT 1978 Shop 150 New Shell Serial # 3634-104-57

Pre Heater

Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 798

Serial # 3643-103-57

Year: 1957

Max Pressure; 33 Psi

Atmospheric Cooler 

Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 2474

Serial # 3442-67-57

Valves and transfers included, no controls included.

Lyco Pouch Cooler

Model #: 8600
Item No: 17917-MSC


  • Measurements: 16 feet long X 9 ½ Wide X 9 ½ High 

  • 3 Hp Nord Gear Box and Motor 230/460 Volt 3 Phase.

  •  New 2010

Ambient Air Cooler

Item No: 17506-BL

  • Ambient Air Cooling Tunnel

  • Belt dimensions: 8’W x 32’L

  • Belt type: Stainless Steel wire mesh

I & H Engineered Systems Spray Tunnel

Model #: 5 X 40
Item No: 16546-MSC

  • Model 5 X 40
  • Approximate 5' W x 40' L plastic belt
  • Driven by a 2HP, 360/575 volt, 3460 rpm variable speed gear motor
  • End in-feed with adjustable height panel.
  • Internal spray bars
  • End feed with a 60" wide adjustable height air knife
  • New York Blower, size 1908a-A7-1/2, shop# E-4413-1115, driven by a 7.5hp motor
  • Includes (3) Burks centrifugal pumps, model TF350GA6-1-1-1/2-5.66SP
  • Each driven by a 5HP motor
  • (2) New York blowers, size 182, shop # E-4413-105, and a control panel
  • Mounted on a stainless steel frame with stainless steel side panels
  • Job# 2897E-2
  • Built 1989
  • Last used in a juice operation

I&H Spray Cooler

Item No: 10225-MSC

    • 8' W x 50' L single deck
    • Intralox plastic mat belt
    • Overhead water sprays with in-feed and discharge bottle conveyors
    • Air blower at discharge end with 4 water re-circulation pumps


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