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JC Pardo / Cleveland Cook Chill Kettle and Pasta Cooker for Sale

Item: 22425-KT
Category: Cookers/Coolers, Kettles
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The JC Pardo / Cleveland Range cook chill stationary horizontal mixer kettle is direct steam with 2/3

jacketed and leg mounted. It has 316 stainless steel liner; electrically driven horizontal agitator by

5HP, 230/460V SEW drives with 144:1 reduction, 300-1800 rpm; variable mixer speed control (2 to

14rpm); spring loaded scraper blades; flush mounted temperature probe; automatic water meter;

bifold cover; time/temperature chart recorder in the control panel; 3" diameter air operated, flush

mounted piston draw-off valve. The jacket pressure rating is 100psi @ 338 degrees F, -20 degree F

@ 100psi. National Board#3093.

The cook chill kettle has working capacity of 400 gallons and the pasta cooker is 300 gallons.

The pasta cooker has a 1/8" perforated basket that has 48" diameter with 17" long straight wall

then 26" long slope that leads to 14" diameter slide gate. Manuals included.

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