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FMC JBT Sterilmatic 3 Shell Cooker/Cooler Set 603 X 700 for Sale

Item: 21937-CK
Category: Cookers/Coolers, Retorts
Manufacturer: FMC Technologies
or call 1-234-206-2882

JBT / FMC Rotary  Pressure Sterilizer  Cooker 603 X 700

Serial # 3624-150-72

33 # PSI.

NB # 1857

Can Capacity 672

JBT / FMC Rotary  Pressure Sterilizer Cooler 603 X 700

Serial # 3624-151-72

33 # PSI.

NB # 1858

Can Capacity 240


JBT / FMC Rotary Atmospheric Cooler 603 x 700

Serial # 3424-64-72

Can Capacity 480

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