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HUGHES Fresh Mini Husker for Sale

Item: 18709-MSC
Category: Conveyors, Corn Cutters, Huskers
Manufacturer: Hughes Equipment Co.
or call 1-234-206-2882
Model #: 032-8305
Serial #: 16-34066

Fresh Market Corn Husker designed to efficiently remove the husk from fresh sweet corn with shanks removed.  Capable of husking 20-30 ears per minute dependent on operator feed rate. Specifically suited for the smaller operator processing fresh market produce or frozen.  The machine requires only one operator to feed and control the equipment.  The husker is capable of also removing stems and debris from fruit, vines such as citrus fruits and apples.  They have also been used to remove stems and debris from beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and radishes.

  • Capacity 20-30 ears per minute

  • Dimensions 32" wide X 102" long X 57" Heigh

  • Utility Requirements: 230 volt single phase, 1-2 gal. water per minute, 15 Cfm @90 Psi compressed air

  • Safety switches for operator protection, Lexan top cover allows operator view of process 

  • Stainless steel construction of all components except roller shafts and dive assemblies

  • Adjustable hand cranks allow for height adjustment

  • Equipped with lockable swivel casters 

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