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Used Food Processing Color Sorters

Industrial color sorters are used in sorting and segregating various agricultural products including grains, wheat, rice, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coffee, & nuts. These sorting machines play a big role in separating discolored, toxic, or not ripe as required products. Food processing color sorters saves labor and time, offers higher efficiency and lower processing costs. Through state-of-the-art color sorters, processed food products are freed from defects, foreign materials, and extraneous vegetative matter.

Laser and optical sorters with advanced VIR cameras and multiple image sensor options are capable of intelligent sorting, providing precise detection of very subtle color shades and contrasts that may indicate visible and invisible defects. Food processing color sorters also make way for production of high quality products through lasers operating at different wavelengths working with high-resolution cameras that help determine product shape, size, and color, removing those that do not pass optimal quality standards.

Regal Equipment showcases a wide range of used and reconditioned food processing color sorters from trusted manufacturers including Key, Buhler-Sortex, and Elbiscan. To learn more about a specific food color sorter, click on the product name below. 

All Color Sorters - 5 Items

Key Optyx Color Sorter w/ G6

Model #: Key Optyx 602942-1
Item No: 16525-MSC

  • Key Technologies Optyx Color Sorters
  • M/N: Key Optyx 602942-1
  • S/N: 03-100347
  • No in-feed shaker
  • Equiped With G6

Key Optyx 3755 Color Sorter w/ G6 Pkg.

Model #: O3109537
Item No: 17653-MSC

  • Year: 2012

  • No in-feed shaker

Key Tegra 7775 Color Sorter

Model #: 7775 602226-1
Item No: 17773-MSC

  • Equipped with G-6

  • (2) Top Cameras 

  • Product stabilizer

  • Touch screen operator interface

  • Wet CIP System 

  • Year: 2001

Key Manta Color Sorter

Model #: Manta 2030F A-604162-1
Item No: 17803-MSC

  • Equipped with G-6

  • (2) Top IR lasers and (3) Top viewing camera

  • Wet CIP system

  • Touch screen operator interface

  • Year 2008

Key Tegra 7775 Color Sorter With G-6

Model #: 7775 603593-1
Item No: 17827-MSC

  • Key Tegra Color Sorter With G-6

  • Model # 7775

  • Serial # 06-148036

  • 4 Camera

  • Year: 2006

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