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Used Food Processing Chillers

Food processing chillers provide and control cool temperatures to prevent spoilage of stored or transported food. These food processing chillers are built with components that remove heat from a process load, offering consistent set-point temperatures that play a big part in producing safe and high quality consumer products.

Thermal management provided by these chiller systems benefit food processing facilities in many ways including product storage, product packaging, product stability, and increased production efficiencies. Various cooling processes are showcased by vapor compression chillers, absorption chillers, and industrial chillers. These chillers are used in many types of food processing facilities for meat, vegetable, fruit, snack food, beverage, chocolate and confectionery manufacturing, freezing, and fresh cut applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing chillers from popular manufacturers such as Chester Jensen, Trane, Dunham Bush, York and Garroutte. To learn more about a specific food processing chiller, click on the product name below.

All Chillers - 4 Items

Lyco Pouch Pasteurizer Cooler System

Model #: 8600
Item No: 17914-MSC

 Rotary Drum Pouch Pasteurizer

  •  72" X 16' 

  • One way lifting lid

  • 3 Hp Nord Gear Box and Motor 230/460 Volt 3 Phase

  •  Last running 1lb. pouch @ 1,500 lb./Hr. with 45 minute cook time

  •  New 2010

          Rotary Drum Pouch Cooler 

  • 72" X 12' 

  • One way lifting lid

  • 3 Hp Nord Gear Box and Motor 230/460 Volt 3 Phase

Garoutte Freon Stainless Steel Plate Chiller

Item No: 17062-CHL

  • Garoutte Freon Stainless Steel Plate Chiller
  • Serial: 21025
  • 3 Plates @ approx. 60"L x 31"H
  • 18 ton Chiller
  • Unit Requires Top-Mount (has foot pads)

Garoutte Belt Hydro-chiller & Garoutte Plate Chiller HO519-GL

Model #: HO519-GL
Item No: 14773-MSC

    • Belt size 40" W X 22' L
    • Interlox belt with Garoutte Freon stainless steel plate chiller
    • 3 Plates -- size: 36" H X 60" L
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Requires compressor and condenser


Drake Refrigeration Inc.

Model #: PACT180D2-T4-Z
Item No: 13945-MSC

  •  Outdoor use

  • Type: Dual circuit unit

  • Section packaged

  • condenser type air cooled

  • Standard unit

  • Refrigerant R22

  • Electrical requirements 460V-1Ph-60Hz

  • 15 ton unit

  • Dual compressor, two pump system with evaporator pump and process pump

  • Oversized 135 gallon tank

  • Has low ambient option

  • Ideal fluid temperature is 45F to 65F

  • Insulated brazed plate exchanger

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