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Used Food Processing Canning Equipment

All Canning Equipment - 3 Items

Pneumatic Scale Angelus 59-P Can Seaming Machine

Model #: 59-P
Item No: 22392-SEM

Pneumatic Scale Angelus can closing machine,   59-P can seamer machine Sanitary tin can seamer last running a 603 X 700 diameter can.  

Equipped with a straight line infeed, steam flow.

Mile steel painted machine.

JBT/FMC 3 Shell Sterilimatic Rotary Cooker Cooler System

Model #: 3 Shell
Item No: 22389-CK

Pressure Cooker Shell

Can Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 2478

Serial # 3642-104-57

Year: 1957

Max Pressure 33 Psi.

National Board # 609

Retrofitted by JBT 1978 Shop 150 New Shell Serial # 3634-104-57

Pre Heater

Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 798

Serial # 3643-103-57

Year: 1957

Max Pressure; 33 Psi

Atmospheric Cooler 

Size: 303 X 406, 307 X 306

Can Count: 2474

Serial # 3442-67-57

Valves and transfers included, no controls included.

Whallon High Speed Bright Can Palletizer

Item No: 22320-MH

PD Series 90 degree swing, with magnetic head for palletizing and depalletizing metal containers.  

Unit has pallet stacker/dispenser with pallet handing conveyor, automatic slip sheet handling feature, and slip sleet dispenser.  

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