Used Food Processing Case Packers

Food processing packers assemble and load food products into cases. Case packing systems assist in product distribution, offer an assortment of automation solutions, and may come in multiple configurations from top load, side load, upload, drop pack to hand pack. These packers can easily package a variety of products including bottles, jars, cans, jugs, and pails in to cartons, bags, tubs, and more.

Case packers are ideal for providing cost-effective automation and upgraded manual operations in food processing facilities for vegetables, fruit, and snack food. They are also well-suited for markets involved in beverage processing, canning, and bottling.

Regal Equipment offers high-performance used and reconditioned food processing case packers from popular manufacturers including Hartness, ARPAC, Standard Knapp, and FMC. To learn more about a specific food processing case packer, click on the product name below. 

All Case Packers - 3 Items

3M Matic A20 Case Sealer

Model #: A20
Item No: 18559-M

  • Type: 10700

  • Part Number: S7710000000A

  • MFG: 2013

  • 120V, 2 amps, 1 phase, 60Hz

  • Top and bottom tape dispenser

ALVEY 910 Case Palletizer

Model #: 910
Item No: 18475-M

  • Alvey 910 Case Palletizer

  • Model # 910

  • Serial # 01-K664118

  • Project # KG32 

  • Year Of MFG : 2002

  • Allen Bradley 505 Processor

Hartness Drop Case Packer 825

Model #: 825
Item No: 09703-PAK

    • New, made in 1989
    • Stainless steel frame


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