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Used Elmar Global Filler Technology Food Processing Equipment

Elmar Global Filler Technology is the largest manufacturer of filling machines in the world. They design and manufacture equipment including fillers, filler/closer systems, and electronic control systems. They offer the widest range of filling machines in the industry, with over 100 unique models from 6 to 72 stations, including rotary pistons and bottom fill. Other systems inlcude gravity and pocket models for filling liquids, high viscosity and solid particulates into plastic, glass, composite or metal containers, narrow neck through wide mouth, with volumes ranging from 1/2 oz. (15ml) to Imperial 5 Gallon (12 liters).

All Elmar Global Filler Technology Equipment - 7 Items

Elmar 54 Station Piston Filler

Model #: RPE5541LH
Item No: 19147-RB

  • Set 211 X 400

  • 1" Port 11"L Piston

  • MFG: 1990

  • eStainless Steel Clad Base  

Elmar 54 Station Piston Filler

Model #: RPE554T
Item No: 19144-RB

Set 211 X 400

1" Port, 11"L Piston, 

MFG: 1990

Stainless Steel Clad Base

Elmar 21 Station Piston Filler

Model #: RPE-5211 LH
Item No: 19123-RB

  • Set: 404 X 700

  • MFG: 91

  • 11"L Pistons X 3.75"Dia.

  • 1" Ports

  • No Agitation  

Elmar 28 Station Piston Filler

Model #: RPE-5281
Item No: 19057-RB

MFG: 2003, 307 X 409, Piston 10"L X 3"Dia., 1" Port, No Agitation  

Elmar 54 Valve Piston Filler

Model #: RPE-554LILH
Item No: 18310-M

  • 54 station piston filler

  • Manufactured 2002

  • Can size 300 x 407

  • Stainless steel contact and base

  • Piston is 7.5" long, 2.75" diameter, 1" port

Elmar 28-Valve Piston Filler RP628

Model #: RP628
Item No: 14953-FIL

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Set for 250 ml rectangle shape container
    • Fill range: 8.5 fl oz min. 20 fl oz max.


Elmar 35 Piston Filler RP-35

Model #: RP-35
Item No: 14926-FIL

    • 1-3/4" diameter piston with approximate 9" stroke
    • Set on 211 diameter cans
    • Timing screw infeed and infeed star
    • Pneumatically operated no-call no-fill
    • Waukesha straight sided valves with 5/8" X 1" ports
    • Stainless steel base


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