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DCI Inc. provides the pharmaceutical, bioscience, chemical, cosmetic, food, dairy, beverage, and brewing industries with shop/field fabricated storage and processing tanks/vessels. DCI’s product/service portfolio includes mixers, agitators, mechanical and electropolished product contact surfaces, Clean-in-Place (CIP) sprayball testing, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

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DCI Dairy Tank

Item No: 11977-TNK

    • Model : 1000 gal. Horizontal
    • Horizontal Style; Top Manway
    • Vessel Maximum WP 50 PSI @ 350º F
    • Minimum Temp: -20º F @ 50 PSI
    • Jacket Max WP 135 PSI @ 350º F
    • Jacket Volume: 3 Gallon; Minimum Temp: -20º F @ 150 PSI
    • Overall Dimensions: 124" L x 96" H, 59" Diameter
    • New in 2002


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