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Continental Can Company (CCC) was an American producer of metal containers and packaging company. CCC was founded by Edwin Norton T.G. Cranwell in 1904, three years after the formation of its greatest rival, American Can Company. Continental acquired the patents of United Machinery Company, one of the few companies producing can-making machinery that had not been bought by American Can. CCC began shipping product in 1905.

During World War II, Continental Can Company helped the war effort by building aircraft parts and bombs in their manufacturing plants. The United Steelworkers of America was the union representing hundreds of manufacturing workers at Continental Can Company. In 1956, CCC acquired the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, the third largest producer of glass containers.

All Continental Can Company Equipment - 3 Items

Continental Can Clincher

Model #: 5-C
Item No: 16432-SEM

  • Model # 5-C
  • Set: 303

Continental Vac Seamer

Model #: 23-DS
Item No: 16429-SEM

  • Model # 23-DS
  • Serial # 50
Continental Single Head Vacuum Seamer

Model #: 244 DS Vacuum
Item No: 16384-SEM

  • Set: 401 x 411

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