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Chester-Jensen specializes in the heating and cooling of products, catering to a diverse market. Chester-Jensen serves a wide range of markets including dairy, meat, poultry and food processing industries with its high-quality processing equipment. Meeting the needs of its clients, Chester-Jensen continues to design and manufacture high grade machinery with its equipment portfolio including quality cookers/coolers and chillers.

All Chester-Jensen Equipment - 2 Items

Chester Jensen Plate Chiller

Model #: B4-01-2-21
Item No: 16213-MSC

  • 2 plate
  • Plate Size: 30"H x 60" L
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Chester Jensen Style Plate Chiller

Item No: 15190-MSC

    • 23-plates, 24" wide X 12' Long
    • Rated at 160 to 200 tr capacity


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