Used Busse/SJI Food Processing Equipment

Busse/SJI is a provider of container handling solutions. Operating for over 60 years, the company designs and manufactures bulk palletizer and depalletizer, as well as pallet conveyor systems, retort loading & unloading systems, spray coolers and warmers. Busse/SJI has provided heavy-duty manufacturing machinery for various processing industries, including the food and beverage sectors.

All Busse/SJI Equipment - 7 Items

Busse Loader for Square Retort Baskets

Item No: 18814-RB

   Hydraulically powered, in floor pallet jack with pallet conveyor  

Busse Unloader of Square Retort Baskets

Item No: 18799-RB

   Hydraulically powered, in floor piston jack with pallet conveyor  

Priority One Case Palletizer

Model #: Pro-Pall 3500
Item No: 16651-PLT

  • Runs 300ml, 500ml. 700/710ml, 1L, 1.5L-All Pack Sizes
  • 48 CPM on 12 pack
  • Voltage: 575V/3/60


Stainless Steel Transformer

Model #: 6'11" x 6' x 18"
Item No: 13729-MSC

  • 84" L x 72" W x 18" Deep
  • Constructed with stainless steel


Busse Unloader B5-C

Model #: B5-C
Item No: 09556-MSC

    • 6" W stainless steel table top chains
    • Single filing table
    • Equipped with power sweep and standard base mounted hydraulic power pack
    • 230/460V, 3 PH drive motor


Busse Horizontal Manual Loader LBH

Model #: LBH
Item No: 00284-LOD

    • Floor piston jack


Busse Vertical Retort Power Loader PL

Model #: PL
Item No: 00271-LOD

    • For round baskets


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