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Angelus serves process industries by providing some of the most efficient seamers on the market that meet the specific needs of even the most demanding of operations. The preservation of canned products requires hermetically sealed cans.  The process of creating an airtight closure by attaching the can end component to the can body is called double seaming. This double seam is a metal to metal or metal to composite joint formed by mechanically interlocking five layers; three from the can end and two from the can body.  These layers are compressed and ironed tightly to form the hermetic seal.

All Angelus Equipment - 9 Items

Angelus 121-L Can Seamer

Model #: 121L
Item No: 19150-RB

  • MFG: 2016

  • Straight Line Infeed

  • Stainless Steel Safety Enclosure

  • Vibratory Lid Infeed

  • Auto Luber

  • Rotary Topper Set : 211 X 400

Angelus 61H Can Seamer

Model #: 61H
Item No: 19132-RB

  • Set: 404 x 700

  • Steam Flow

  • Straight Line Infeed

  • Filler Drive

  • Vibratory lid Infeed

  • Auto Lube

  • Rotary Topper

Angelus 60L Seamer

Model #: 60-L
Item No: 19096-RB

  • Set: 300 X 407

  • MFG:2010

  • Steam flow, 

  • Straight Line Infeed

  • Filler seamer drive

  • Stainless Steel Safety Enclosure

  • Vibratory Infeed and auto lube equipped

Angelus 60L Seamer

Model #: 60L
Item No: 19066-RB

MFG: 2012, Straight Inline Infeed, Steam, Rotary Topper for Head Space, Set 307 X 409, Filler Seamer Drive  

Angelus Can Seamer 100-L

Model #: 100L
Item No: 18337-M

  • Can size 300 x 407 

  • Steam flow 

  • Straight line infeed

  • Auto lubrication 

  • Vibratory lid feed shoot

  • Base is in excellent condition no pitting 

Angelus 59-P Can Seamer

Model #: 59-P MSLF
Item No: 18298-M

  • Can size 603 x 700 #10 Can  

  • Steam Flow 

  • No Straight line in-feed

  • Parts machine parts are missing 

Angelus Can Seamer

Model #: 60-L
Item No: 17848-SEM

  • Set: 300 x 407

  • Steam flow 

  • With driven lifters

Angelus 40P-MSLF Seamer

Model #: 40P-MSLF
Item No: 17554-MSC

  • Angelus Seamer

  • Model: 40P-MSLF

  • (4) head steam flow seamer

  • Set on 401 x 411 size cans

  • Straight-line in-feed (missing chain)

  • Rotary marker

  • Approx. 5 HP drive motor

  • Painted mild steel base

  • Missing covers and motor guards

Angelus 60-L Can Seamer

Model #: 60-L
Item No: 17047-SEM

  • Model: 60-L
  • Set for: 307 diameter cans.
  • (6) head atmospheric closure can seamer
  • Complete with new straight line in-feed table, in-motion timer filler drive, rotary marker, 10 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase variable speed drive.
  • MFG rated as capable of a can size range of: 200 - 404 dia. by 111 to 712 high --- with proper change parts, and speeds from 175 - 500 cans per minute, depending on size and diameter can.

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