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Used ALLPAX Food Processing Equipment

ALLPAX specializes in creating heavy-duty sterilization and material machinery for companies in the food, beverage, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. Allpax provides systems such as fully automated retort rooms, individual retort room components and turnkey equipment.

All ALLPAX Equipment - 2 Items

ALLPAX Production Retorts

Model #: 1400MM Gentle Motion Agitation, Spray.
Item No: 18738-RB

5 Horizontal Stainless Steel Retorts, 1400mm Dia. 6 basket capacity (5 Baskets while gentled motion is being used) .  Equipped with Gentle Motion Agitation and Spray headers for flexible reportable packages.  Also included is a Allpax Robotic retort crate loading and unloading system.  Retort crates are manually loaded into retorts by the ALLPAX retort operator.

Retort # 1

    NAB # 119, MAWP 75 psi. @ 325 F, Serial # 1110117AX2, Year 2011

Retort # 2 

    NAB # 118, MAWP 75 psi. @ 325 F, Serial # 1110117AX2, Year 2011

Retort # 3 

    NAB # 120, MAWP 75 psi. @ 325 F, Serial # 1110117AX3, Year 2011

Retort # 4 

    NAB # 121, MAWP 75 psi. @ 325 F, Serial # 1110117AX4, Year 2011

Retort # 5

    NAB # 156, MAWP 75 psi. @ 325 F, Serial # 140129AX, Year 2014


Pilot Lab Retort 2402

Model #: 2402
Item No: 14503-MSC

  • This multi-purpose system has a 24" Dia. chamber and is rated 45 psi/full vacuum @ 325º F
  • National board and code stamped
  • Stainless steel base
  • Unit has Honeywell TrueLine chart recorder, and numerous desirable features including agitation, heat exchanger, & pump


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