2009 Middleby Marshall PS640E

2009 Middleby Marshall PS640E

Ravenna, OH

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The Middleby Marshall Oven has a cooking area of 27 square feet, operational temp range is 300-600 degrees F. For cooking pizzas, bread, pasta bakes, and desserts quickly and thoroughly, the Middleby Marshall PS640E-3 Impingement conveyor oven uses a combination of impingement technology and an spacilized air-delivery system. Each deck's air fingers release hot, high-pressure jets of air toward food on the conveyor belt to eradicate the cold halo around food, reducing baking times; this system can cook products 30 percent faster than standard conveyor ovens. For specific results, operators can fully control the airflow in the baking chamber, and they can set each baking chamber's temperature from 300 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and adjust cook time between 11⁄4 and 33 minutes. To reduce energy consumption, this unit is equipped with an Energy Management System, an energy-saving touchscreen control, and an automatic energy eye that detects when the oven is empty. Conveyor belts: (3) 761⁄2 in. W x 331⁄2 in. D, Overall: 761⁄2 in. W x 60 in. D x 775⁄8 in. H. Electrical requirements 65-75 A, 27 kW, 240 V/50/60 Hz/3 ph.


ManufacturerMiddleby Marshall
Serial NumberS032840809 & S032830809
Stock Number24736